More Women in Their 40s Having Babies

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More Women in Their 40s Having Babies
Thu, 08-08-2013 - 3:31pm

From the LA Times, federal data has shown that more women are having babies into their 40s than in previous decades: 

Although fertility doctors warn about the risks of pushing parenthood too late, there are plenty of reasons to wait: Older parents are more confident and less stressed, studies have shown. Their children do better on math and reading tests.

In Britain, where the average age of women first becoming a mother is 28, one study published last year found that children of older women were less prone to injuries or emotional troubles — even after researchers controlled for the higher education and wealth of the mothers.

Then there's the bottom line. At the University of Virginia, economist Amalia Miller calculated that for every year a woman delays motherhood, she makes about 9% more in lifetime earnings. A decade of delay could mean nearly doubling her income, Miller has extrapolated — a windfall that makes it much easier to buy all those diapers. For most women, having their first child later in their careers means they'll earn higher wages, economist Jane Leber Herr found.

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Any thoughts on the article?