Need some advice...

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Need some advice...
Fri, 06-17-2011 - 10:16am

Hi Ladies,

Right now I am in kind of a bad place so I need some advice from people that can understand. Let me give you a little history. I have 2 older children, DS 12 and DD 6 no fertility problems, my DS was just a handful and then I went back to work. We then conceived my beautiful angel, Emory, in 2008. In 2009 at 38 weeks she was taken from us by a cord accident. 3 months later, before I had my first cycle, we conceived my

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Fri, 06-17-2011 - 1:34pm


I am sorry I have no advice for you.

Susan L.

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Fri, 06-17-2011 - 9:27pm
Hello Melissa... welcome to our board. First of all I want to tell you how sorry I am for the loss of your baby Emory, oh my gosh, I love that name!! Congrats on your miracle that followed, you are truly blessed, many of us are still trying years later to get another chance at a healthy baby. I am not sure what is going on, I would think the blood test would have shown a positive if it were true but who knows! I would call and tell them you got a BFP, don't tell them about the tests that were negative though, just say you got a positive and leave it at that, because you did! I cannot believe you can't get your Dr. to order labs when you request it, they work for US. My Dr. totally does labs for me whenever I ask, its my money!! Good luck and keep us posted!!
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Tue, 06-21-2011 - 2:31pm
So sorry for the loss of your sweet angel Emory.

As for this super long cycle, it may be due just recently stopping BF. I know some home PG tests are more sensitive then others, but not sure about the blood tests coming back negative. Those tend to be more accurate then the home tests, but who knows.

I've done a lot of fertility treatments and I have taken Provera (pill) prescribed by my RE to jump start AF.

Best wishes to you on this journey.

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Tue, 06-21-2011 - 11:08pm

I would just go to my Family practitioner, tell them you had a positive test and ask them to do a blood test (or send you to a lab).

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Wed, 06-22-2011 - 12:32pm

Thank you ladies for your kind words. I have repeated the tests several times and the more I look at the EPT results, I think that it just has really bad evaporation lines. The line still looks slightly blue in the test time limit, but it is not getting any darker.

I have been trying really hard to understand my high FSH result. It just seems so hard to except that I no problems getting pregnant