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Thu, 07-26-2012 - 9:51am

Part of me can't believe I'm ttc again, but here I am.

I have been pregnant 4 times, but only 1 child (from the 4th pregnancy).  The 3rd pregnancy, even though I miscarried, the placenta stuck.  I had to have 3 D & Cs and a hysteroscopy that left a lot of scarring including complete occlusion of my right fallopian tube.  During the testing as to why I wasn't getting pregnant after that miscarriage, I had an HSG done, which broke through some of the scarring, and I got pregnant with my son that very cycle.  I had PROM at 35 weeks and since labor induction wasn't working, I had to have a c-section.  That turned out to be a good thing because the placenta stuck again but since I had the c-section and it was accreta instead of precreta, they were able to remove it without a hysterectomy.

After that, even though I had always wanted more children, I decided that I should just be happy with the one I had and go on with my life.  Periodically, I'd talk with my dr about having another child but was told that it was unlikely that I'd be able to get pregnant again anyway so I'd just give up.

Fast forward 8 years to my 40th birthday (a few months ago) and I decided that my life just wasn't complete without at least a 2nd baby.  My husband actually first mentioned it to me.  He has long known how much I wanted another and I think it finally clicked with him that we should try.  I had been on Implanon and he went with me to talk to the dr (a new ob-gyn) and to get the Implanon removed.  He has been very supportive.

I have been charting and my charts amazingly look very similar to my charts from before I had my son (2002 - 2003).  I'm ovulating on the same day and seeing the same temps.  I also use a microscope to check my saliva and OPKs.

Anyway, I am 10dpo on ttc cycle #3 and it's looking like this isn't the cycle, either, which has me depressed today and looking for an outlet.  If I don't get the bfp before then, I have been referred to and have an appointment with a fertility specialist on Monday, which should be cd1.  I'm hoping he'll at least run some tests to see how my hormone levels are and do another HSG to see if the scarring is worse after my c-section.

I know this was long so if you made it this far, thanks for letting me tell my story.  It helped just getting it off my chest.


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Fri, 07-27-2012 - 12:44pm

Hi Kim. I am also new to the boards.

You have been through a lot. I know exactly how you feel about being incomplete without the 2nd. I have a 4.5 yr old son and trying for his sib for 4 years (7 total pregnancies incl 3 chems, 2 d&c).

I also have some tubal issues. Some external adhesions making them convoluted.

Although I have done IVF in Feb and June of this year, we have also been trying natural. Today is my 10dpo and since my temp dropped below the coverline this am, looks like this cycle is out too. I was feeling a little low this morning but I have picked myself up. Don't give up. The worst is behind you and good things will be ahead. I think we have to stay positive and it looks like the good ladies here are very supportive.


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Fri, 07-27-2012 - 7:43am

Hi Kim and welcome to the board. So sorry for your losses and all that you have been through. It sounds like you are being very proactive in trying by charting and a visit to the specialist will help to know how things lo k as far as scarring.

Sorry AF had to crash your cycle early-she can be so mean some times! Hopefully you get a great report from the doc and this cycle will be the miracle one you so deserve. Keep us posted and feel free to jump into any of the threads and chat. Looking forward to sharing this journey with you.


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Thu, 07-26-2012 - 10:22pm
Welcome to the board Kim! Sorry AF showed up. Prayers that next cycle is the one! Monica
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Thu, 07-26-2012 - 2:32pm

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the board Kim. I really hope you have success conceiving a sibling. Keep positive. It's so easy to get bogged down with TTC.We alI know that's easily said. 

I've been TTC for a year now with no luck so far, except a chemical pregnancy. But I try to keep positive as it took a year to conceive my son (and a chemical too). We've missed 2 cycles of trying this time as hubby was ill one month and then one month I missed a period with no apparent ovulation as I had low temps all month. 

I try to keep positive as my grandmother had a child at 44, although I guess that's no guarantee.

One thing I am trying to do is lose weight and so far I've lost 12lbs .I need to lose another stone. I have noticed that all the women I know who have had babies over 40 have been slim when they conceived. I know plenty of ladies with some weight to lose who've managed to get pregnant but I notice they've all been younger (20s/30s).

Thanks Anne Marie for mentioning "Inconceivable". I have ordered a copy from Amazon since reading your comments. It has some very good reviews from readers so that gives me hope. I;m very interested to know how the workshop goes.

Helen x

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Thu, 07-26-2012 - 12:33pm

Hi Kim, and welcome to the board!

It sounds like you've had quite the rough road.  I'm curious - why did your doctor think you would never be able to get pregnant again?  Since clearly, you were able to get pregnant several times...

I know it can be discouraging to see AF at the end of every cycle, but I do think at our age it can and most likely will happen for us, it might just take a little longer.  I'm 38 and I'm on CD4 of my 3rd cycle trying.  I'm also trying not to get discouraged.  I figure I'll just keep trying because what's the alternative?  Anyways, I'm so sorry your road has been so long and difficult.  I hope your stay here is short!  KUP!


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Thu, 07-26-2012 - 9:57am

Welcome to the board, Kim! I'm sure you will love it here. The ladies are very supportive and we vent about the down times and stay positive when you may not be able to. Well, as I always say, it ain't over until the witch comes to town. :smileyhappy: I hope that you are wrong about this not being your month, but, either way, I hope that your stay here is short.

~Baby dust to you!