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New to the forum here
Sat, 11-26-2005 - 12:33am

As I join your group, I am Lee, 39 years old. Over the past year DH and I have had many stumbling blocks to overcome. I will do my best to give you the info without all the emotional baggage this time.

I met my DH back in 1995 while he was married to his first wife. He had a vasectomy in 1991, while they were married. We worked together in matters of the church for several years. Mostly in providing home bible study groups.

In Jan.2002 both of our marriages had come to and end, and we began to spend a lot of time together since we enjoyed one anothers company so much. We decided our future should be together. In March we decided to get his VR, so that we could have children together. Our doc performed the VR in late March 2002. I had a problematic pregnancy, and was scared to try to attempt another childbirth. The baby was born preemi in Aug. 2003. When our VR baby, Noah, was 2 months old, Bob had his surgery reversed. So he has a 2nd vas done in Oct. 2003. We felt badly, because we always wanted 3 children together, but we had one happy and healthy son. We will be happy for what we have. As time went on, and test's were taken and results came in, we came to the knowld\edge that the problematic pregnancy was not related to me, but was rather related to my son, who has a very rare genetic abnormailty.

We decided after finding Noah could do well with a younger sibling, and we still wanted more children (had been looking into adoption some even)that we would have another reversal. This time, we will let God decided if and when we have more children.

We found that the VA would cover it. But will they?????? So far we have had a year long run around, and I am weak and worn down now.

Jan 2005 PCP ok's the request, and sends him to the uro dept in June. Feb. I had my preconceptions appointment. Was put on vitamins and given a clean bill of health. March we saw Dr. Seftel at the VA who agreed to do the surgery, and had him set for June 15th.

Early in June a voicemail canceled that appointment.
By mid July we got the VA to set a new date for Nov. 10th. early in Nov. we got a call canceling our appointment again. They have stopped communications with us. Since then we have has our private doc call up there to see what's us? He was told it's unethical since my DH has bi polar disorder. We had our states representative contact them, and he didn't recieve any response. Since then they have called the ethics meeting, but neither DH, nor his doc, nor our congressman was invited to the closed meeting.

At this point we don't know how far off I am from TTC officially, but I'm ready to practice now!

Unless some ACT OF GOD gets this surgery done before the new year, then I will be actively TTC by my birthday in April I HOPE!!!!

I look forward to meeting you all : )




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