New Here and just had a MC

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New Here and just had a MC
Thu, 08-30-2012 - 7:30pm

Hi.  I'm new to this message board.  I am 42 with an almost 12 year old boy who has autism.  I had an IUD for almost 5 years because we wanted to concentrate on helping our little boy through his tough journey.  We decided January of this year to TTC.  I had the IUD taken out in February and my period was a little eratic for a couple of months.  We decided in July to use the Ovulation kits and was excited to find out mid july that I was pregnant.  Went for my 6 week appointment and we saw the heartbeat.  Last week which was our 8 week checkup as much as my doctor tired there was no HB.  We were devastated.  So had to have a d&c.  Hubby wants to keep trying and so do I.  we were thrilled to get pregnant and hoping if it happens again it will survive. 

but I have a couple of questions.  - how long until after the d&c did you get your period?  has anyone used those frist response fertility kits to check your fertility quality?  We used the OPK and has success so we are going to use them again.  But I'm really just wondering do you ever really recover from a MC?  I'm taking a month off from my job to get my head together.  I guess we are just praying and hoping that it happens again quick and survives.

thanks for letting me vent and listening.


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Fri, 08-31-2012 - 10:22am

Hi Jackie:

First, welcome to the board!

As someone who has suffered through numerous m/c I can tell you that you never forget and you always have an ache in your heart but, in time, you do find the strength to go on. The "good" news that you can take away from this tragic experience is that you know you can get pregnant which is quite an accomplishment. Some folks have trouble getting that far. :smileysad:

I have had a few d&c's and the time for the period to return varied. Once I got it the very next month but for a shorter time frame. Allegedly, you are supposed to be more fertile following a d&c because your uterus has been "cleansed".  Unfortunately, I have also had several fibroid surgeries interspersed around my d&c's so I never received that "benefit".

Do what you have to help yourself heal physically and emotionally. Here's hoping when you decide to try again that it is a quick success and a happy, healthy 9 month ride! Good luck to you!


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Fri, 08-31-2012 - 1:08pm

Hi Jackie and welcome to the board. I am so sorry for your loss. Too many of us here have gone thru a loss or more. I agree with Vanessa, it gets easier to try again but you never forget and will always have a fear once you become pregnant again.

I have never had a d&c but for most the average time for your period to return is about 6 weeks. I used the First Response once (only because it was free in the box of pregnancy tests). I wouldn't waste money on it alone. I would rather pay the doctor for a CD 3 blood panel that checks FSH  Definitely keep using the OPK's- they are great to help predict ovulation.

Feel free to jump into any of the threads and chat. Hopefully you can start trying again soon. Sending (((HUGS)) and hoping to hear more from you soon.

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