New Here - Seeking suggestions

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New Here - Seeking suggestions
Wed, 06-09-2004 - 1:12pm
Hi, I've lurked here from time to time, but thought I'll formally introduce myself and get some advice.

I am 41 yo and have been TTC since November. Getting pg is not a problem - staying that way is. I've had 2 m/c since November, the most recent last month. The first I don't have an explanation for, the 2nd was tested and it was a trisomy, chromosomal abnormality.

My ob/gyn says "just keep trying to get a good egg", which seemed like really bad advice for a 41 year old, especially since he did not even yet know the cause of the 2nd miscarriage. I'm looking for a new ob/gyn. In any event, I have a 1st appointment with an RE on Friday, and I just wanted to ask for thoughts on what I might expect going forward and what questions I should ask about testing, options, trying again, etc.


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Wed, 06-09-2004 - 3:13pm

Welcome to the board!!! Glad you found us!!!! I am very sorry for your losses. I am a recurrent M/Cer so I know how devastating it is. I know how you feel, we @ this age are in quite a hurry to succeed in PG & don't want to waste any time. While chromosonol defects are the major cause of M/C there are other reasons as well such as blood clotting issues & immune issues. You could have some blood work done with Dr. Beer to see if those things are an issue for you or not. He can work long distance with you & your OB if necessary as it all all blood work. His web site is You may also want to consider IUI or IVF as you will put out more eggs in one cycle thus giving you better odds @ having one without problems.

I hope I can help. Keep us posted.


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Wed, 06-09-2004 - 3:35pm

You've made the right decision to go to an re.


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Wed, 06-09-2004 - 5:10pm
Thanks so much for the suggestions. How long does all this testing usually take -- to do and to get results? Will I have to miss a cycle of trying? My appointment is Friday and AF is due early next week so I will probably O again around June 29th. I am so not patient when it comes to this process!