New@41, high FSH - Donor Egg mentioned

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New@41, high FSH - Donor Egg mentioned
Mon, 04-25-2005 - 9:24am

Good morning, Ladies.

More story is not unlike so many of yours. I am 41 living in Virginia, TTC 2yrs, with high FSH history and irregular menses that indicates perimenopause. My treatment history is unsuccessful IUIs - chem preg and negative -plus a natural chem preg. Two IVF cycles were cancelled due to low response. These treatments were managed with our previous RE.

Over the last 8 months, I've been doing acupunture and chinese herbs during our break from med treatments. I feel much better physically with peri symptoms except irregular menses. I really thought this may be helpful

Our new RE reviewed my records and states that the pratice will not do treatment with IVF or IUI cycle with my own eggs. With my history, he says, that pregnancy is less than 1%, and that donor egg would be the best solution or adoption. I've never had a clomid challenge test, although our insurance may require a day 3 fsh test to meet a requirement that donor egg is the best solution.

I am glad to find a place to talk with women in my age group about infertility. Its difficult enough and support is key to keep moving forward in a positive direction.
I appreciate anyone's insights to what I've mentioned and sharing your experiences.