Newbie Needs help/ MC ment. - Graphic

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Newbie Needs help/ MC ment. - Graphic
Mon, 06-14-2004 - 12:01pm
I have one son (5) and had MC 2 1/2 years ago...I'm 41 (just turning in July). I haven't been trying or not trying. About two years ago I had the first blood tests done and all of my levels were normal. Since then nothing and at my last OB/GYN appt. the doctor said that really if I wanted to get pregnant I was going to need some help. My hubby and I had pretty much resigned ourselves to just our one fabulous little boy. But last month I had a strange period. (Graphic alert) I had some symptoms of PG (very, very sore boobs, tired, cramping - which is unusual for me) then when my period came, it was extremly clotty but not normal it was more like clumps of - well, it looked like nickel sized pieces of raw chicken liver (so sorry). Looking back on it I'm thinking I may have had a very early you think? Also, if I did, is there any hope that I can possibly have another one naturally. I can't afford RE since my insurance doesn't pay for me to even say the word fertility. Also, If I do try again (which I think my husband and I would welcome) what things could you suggest to help.
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Thu, 06-17-2004 - 9:37am
Hi & welcome to the board. Glad you found us!!! I have responded to this on your post above.

Hope I can help.

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