Odds of conceiving #2 at 40?

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Odds of conceiving #2 at 40?
Thu, 12-15-2005 - 5:12pm
I'm 40 years old, soon to be remarried, and would love to have another baby. I was wondering if your odds of conceiving after age 40 are greater if you've already had a baby. I had my son at age 33....no problems with the pregnancy; got pregnant in two months. Does this improve my odds at all, or is there no way to tell? It seems as if all the research is on women trying for their first in their 40s.
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Fri, 12-16-2005 - 10:51pm

Wish I could say otherwise since I'd love another child myself but of what I have read it doesn't matter if you've had a child previously or not. Basically we are born with a certain amount of eggs. Every year that number decreases quite a bit. Some, faster than others. I'm sure you still have eggs at 40 but not as many as you did 10 years ago.

Hope you get your wish and get pregnant! I hope that for everyone here including myself.

I am constantly doing internet research but I really should stop it because the more I read the more depressed I get. I'm 43, almost 44 and my cycles are so irregular that I'm sure I'm close to the end of my eggs and don't think I have much of a chance at all anymore.

I just read that taking Robitussin with guaifinessin (not sure of the spelling) helps loosen mucous which helps to conceive. But only 100% of the guaifinessin, nothing else in it.

Best choice is to consult your doctor.

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Fri, 12-30-2005 - 12:19pm


I wish I could give you better news. I have two kids (I was 34 and 36) no trouble coneiving and then at age 38 bam, the wheeels fell off. I have had 4 biochemical prengancies and two miscarriages with D&C in 2 years. One I was able to test and it was a trisomy 22.

I am now 40 and we are batting around trying again and seeing what happens.

I get pregnant every 4 months or so but they just are not good eggs. I have been tested for everything in the world. It is just old eggs.


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Wed, 01-04-2006 - 3:49pm

I was told that having had one child means at least that you know your bits and pieces are functioning and eliminates some potential obstacles. However, our eggs DO age as we get older and our hormone production can be altered. I would say if you are still menstruating in the same pattern as you always have, chances are pretty good. Still the risk of a fertilization with chromosomal abnormalities means higher risk for miscarriages.

BTW, I am 40 and became pregnant on my second try for # 2 (now 10.5 weeks along) so don't listen to all those nasty rumours.


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Sun, 01-08-2006 - 8:21pm
I think everyone is different. The statistics may or may not apply to you. I conceived my first at 40 and gave birth at 41. I had no trouble conceiving (first month TTC) and a perfectly normal pregnancy. I'm hoping to TTC again in the next few months before I turn 42. My doctor told me my chances are probably pretty good -- that the best indicator of my fertility is the fact that I have already had a child. I'm hoping that's true! Good luck to you!
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Sun, 01-22-2006 - 4:06pm
Hi there,
I conceived my triplets 9 yrs ago via IVF (4th attempt after several years of TTC). I have immunological problems, including hypothyroidism and a bunch of other stuff. I've also had 2 miscarriages as a supposed result of this condition. Well, fast forward. At almost 42 and newly remarried, I got pregnant...didn't think I could conceive and in fact I thought I was nearing perimenopause. (Night sweats, weird periods, etc). It was a HUGE surprise. I am due in 8 weeks, so I say don't listen to the stats. If I believed in them, I'd have only a 3% of having triplets (according to the RE) and about a zero chance of getting pregnant without medical intervention. Especially at 42. Best of luck to you!!!! --Cindy
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Mon, 01-23-2006 - 6:17pm
I dont really pay any attention to the stats. All that does is stress me out. I have a 26 year old a 4 year old and I am 5wks pregnant at 42. I had a m/c in sept. We were not trying but we werent trying not to have any children. We decided to try again and the first month of ttc I became pregnant so it is very possible. I dont know any two people that are alike so I cant see that it is possible to but a group of women in the same catagory just because of their age. Did you know that modern medicine is just now understanding that some medications work differently on women than they do on men? I dont think we know nearly enough about the human body yet. Ok, now i'm ranting. Good luck and best wishes.