Oh no - no O

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Oh no - no O
Tue, 05-08-2007 - 1:59pm

OK, it looks like I am not ovulating. Last cycle, I used the OPK that just shows the two lines, and I could not really tell if I ever hit the LH surge. This cycle, I'm using the smiley-face OPK. I started testing on CD 9, and here it is CD 15, and no smiley face. I will keep testing for the rest of the cycle, but it looks like I am not ovulating, at least not when I should be. I have my first appt. with a fertility doc on June 6.

Is it possible I ovulated in the first 8 days of my cycle? Or that I may ovulate after CD 15? My periods are very regular so you would think I am ovulating normally.

Any ideas?


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Tue, 05-08-2007 - 2:47pm
I've heard about some women o'ing super early.

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Thu, 05-10-2007 - 3:44pm

It certainly is possible to O later than CD15.

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Sat, 05-12-2007 - 12:23pm

Hi Kim,

I would love to reply. I also had the same experience with the regular OPK's. Last month I bought the Clearblue Easy fertility monitor and I didn't get an LH surge until days 19 and 20 last month and days 16 and 17 this month. I have a 31 day cycle but my "o" seems to move around. I highly recommend it even though it is more money. I have such a peace of mind now and it charts your cycle for you so I don't worry about it.

Hoping this helps and good luck in TTC!