OPKs - where to get them from

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OPKs - where to get them from
Wed, 06-27-2007 - 7:34am

I'm totally confused because I keep thinking I have ovulated but don't get a corresponding thermal shift. Can I have ovulated without a temperature rise?

I have not yet tried opks - does anyone have a good online source to recommend to me (I live in Europe, so a supplier over here would be especially useful to avoid shipping costs).


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Wed, 06-27-2007 - 11:00am

Hi Torielle,

I don't know much about charting, but hopefully when Stella returns from her vacation, she can help you out with that.

I don't know about any European suppliers, but I usually buy my OPKs at the local drug store. They come in a box of 7 for about $17 U.S., which is about $13 Eur. (I get the generic kind) You can also order them on ebay for cheaper. Just make sure it's a brand you trust, that the box is still sealed and that the expiration date is still good. I've gotten some of the digital OPKs (the ones that "smile" when you're ovulating) for cheaper than $17 U.S. on ebay.

In the long run, it's probably a better deal to buy the Clear Blue Fertility Monitor, which costs about $150 U.S., and then you need to refill the sticks. But it's more thorough than the regular OPKs.

Hope that helps a little.


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Sat, 06-30-2007 - 7:29am

Hi Torielle:

You can order them on saveontests.com and they are really cheap. I just ordered a bunch of HPT strips, I'll wait on the opk for now even though my CNM recommended using them. If you do order from there, be sure to read the instructions for what you want. Some you pee directly on and some you have to pee in a cup. Also, make sure you go all the way through the check out process. I thought I was done a few times, but realized I needed to click yet another button.....

I have a question for you: You said that your husband hasn't given up his extreme sports but you have. My husband works long hours at a stressful job and his activities are the only thing that keeps him sane. I don't need to work anymore so will be the primary care taker of the baby. I'm a little worried that after M-F taking care of the baby, I'll get frustated with DH if he takes off Skiing on Saturday when I'll want to go too. We are so used to being able to do whatever we want. How is that all working for you and your DH??

Thank You, Julie

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Sat, 06-30-2007 - 8:19am

Hello Julie

I have had some moments where I have felt cross when DH has gone off with his mates to do what he and I would have done together before. But I try to remind myself that this phase of DD wanting and needing me all of the time will not last long. You turn around twice and all of a sudden they are adolescents begging you to go away on holiday and leave them to hang out with their mates!!

Also, when DD was a tiny baby, I felt more USEFUL than I had ever done in the whole of my life (and this despite the fact that my career has been fairly highlevel and satisfying). You may well feel, as I did and do, that sports like skiing are pretty high risk and that you and DH should not be doing them together. What if something happened to you both? I have given up mountain climbing and mountaineering skiing entirely for the moment. I don't want someone else to have the pleasure of bringing up my little angel!

I think when the baby is there you just adapt. It brings a new facet to your life and sport becomes less important. However, I still want to keep fit and trim! That's why I run much more now. It's the most efficient way of doing sport in terms of time needed. While DD takes her nap, off I trot, and then I am there for when she wakes up. (Of course DH, or someone has to cooperate for this!) I wouldnt worry about it! Just go ahead and ttc!!!

On the opks, thanks for the info. I hesitate to start buying them because DH "doesnt believe in that sort of thing". He just thinks that if it should happen it will happen, just as it did the first time...maybe he's right, but maybe he's wrong!

As you know, I am still waiting for PPAF. I stopped bf almost a month ago and have had all the signs of having ovulated except for the rise in temperature. I am wondering whether to use progesterone to bring on PPAF and then chlomid to bring on ovulation. And if so, when to start...But I would so prefer it to happen naturally.