other NonTrad TTC over 40 out there?

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other NonTrad TTC over 40 out there?
Fri, 07-01-2005 - 6:15pm

Hi, and good luck to all...

I'm 41 lesbian in a wonderful relationship & we're ready to start trying for me to conceive. I'm hoping to find other women who are beginning the process of figuring out how to do it w/out a known donor and who are around my age.

Am in good health, in a major metro area, and have read through some books & set up some doc appointments for July. Started tracking fertility w/ the fertility tracker. So much is unknown... in my teens & 20s had to worry about getting pregnant, now I pray that I can even do it. Quite a head trip!

A shout back from anyone in similar situation would be very encouraging!

Again, my best to all.


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Wed, 07-06-2005 - 9:30pm
Hi jrm,
I'm a "traditional" TTC40+, and I wish you the best in your pursuit of motherhood. My advice is to keep one step ahead of your doctors and know what to anticipate and to ask for as they're often quite scattered. So many steps along the way seem to eat up month after month, so ask questions and plan for the next steps. Any travel plans once you begin this crazy dance could throw off a cycle (we'll lose 2 cycles this summer because of 2 separate 3 day trips)—w/drugs your cycle is no longer predictible. The best thing ever is a loving partner and a great support system. Good luck!
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Tue, 08-02-2005 - 4:13pm
Hi, JRM... I am a 36 yo lesbian in a relationship with a 41 yo woman. We just embarked on the TTC journey, and while I was originally going to be the one to carry, I found out during the initial ultrasound that I have a cyst on my one remaining ovary, so I'm not a candidate (at least not at this time). My partner is now in the "hot seat," and we just did our first round of IUI with donor sperm from a bank...we should know something by Friday or thereabouts. She's dealing with everyone emphasizing her "advanced age" and we are a bit discouraged by the potential expense (about $1900 a pop for IUI) for what we're being told is less than a 10% chance. I'd love to dialogue and share stories and such...