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out of commission
Sat, 02-10-2007 - 11:25pm

I don't even know where to start. Here I am, I just turned 42 (Feb 3rd) and I am still working on child #2 for almost a year and a half, and all of a sudden things just started going wrong with me! I have been sick for over 2 months(lots of stomach problems). I went into the ER on my husbands birthday (Jan 27)after waiting about a month and a half before getting the courage to go and spent 8 hours there only to be told that they can't find anything. So they recommended a gastoenterologist, and I had to wait another 2 and a half weeks to get an appointment which I have set for Feb 13th and that's only for a consultation. Then I will probably need an upper and lower GI done. I can't even keep my food down. So TTC is on the back burner. I am just so upset because I have been going for acupuncture, messages, taking all the herbs, trying to eat healthy, doing my excercise, and using the fertility monitor. Everything was going as well as it could and now this! I think what it boils down to is that I probably have an ulcer.
Anyway, I am preparing myself for when I get better to try and get pg naturally so that I don't have to go through the stress of another round of IVF (at least not for now).

Also, has anyone used something called Pre-seed. I just purchased it but I want to wait until I feel better before ttc.


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Sun, 02-11-2007 - 9:55am


I am so sorry about your medical problems...but...thank goodness that you're getting this fixed NOW before you try to get pregnant! Can you imagine if you had a little bean in you and then they told you there were gastronomical problems?

It is still early in the year. You just turned 42. Older women than you have gotten pregnant through all sorts of measures! (My friend got pregnant and gave birth to a healthy, perfect little baby when she was 43--naturally, no IVF or any other assistance.)

Get your health in order and then worry about conceiving. I think when you don't have pains like that, that will be one less thing for you to worry about and will cause you less stress in trying to conceive.

Good luck with your doctor appointments and keep us posted!


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Sun, 02-11-2007 - 5:36pm

Sue, I hope this gets worked out quickly and you feel better.

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Tue, 02-13-2007 - 12:20am

I hope you were able to get your answers today. I used to have 'stomach' problems turned out to be my gallbladder. Had it taken out two months after my ultra sound for it. I seriously thought it was an ulcer too. So, post on how you are doing.

Take care.


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Tue, 02-13-2007 - 2:55pm
Sue, I am so sorry for your GI problems.

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