Right ovary

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Right ovary
Thu, 01-19-2006 - 8:51pm

Hi all!

I'm a newbie here....I was just informed yesterday that I have only my right Ovary and that my Pelvic Ultrasound did not detect a left ovary.

My nurse says I can still get pregnant. My husband & I just recently decided (about 4 days ago) to try for a baby. Problem is that I am 42 and my periods have been extremely irregular for the last 10 years. I can go years without having a period, then boom! have months where I have a constant period for at least 6 months.

We are considering going thru IVF with PGD (Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis) to be sure we can conceive a healthy baby.

Has anyone been through this? My biggest fear is that I am 42 and I may not be ovulating properly.

Thanks in advance!

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Thu, 01-19-2006 - 9:53pm

Hi, Ana. Welcome!

Have you had your FSH tested and had a resting (or antral) follicle count done? This would give your RE a good idea of what your chances of success are for IVF.

Here's what my RE told us before we began our IVF treatment last year: PGD is great technology, but the problem is that they need several embryos before performing the test. The reason for this is that the PGD biopsy itself