Roll Call for July 2012

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Roll Call for July 2012
Sat, 06-30-2012 - 9:21pm

Hey ladies. A new month is upon us.  Let's all check in and let everyone know how we are and where we are in our cycles. Hoping for some great news for the board this month

Name (real or a username we can call you) age, spouse,age

CD (cycle day) how many cycles have you been trying

how are you trying? natural, IUI, IVF

Anything else you wish to share



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Tue, 07-31-2012 - 12:36am

I'm so sorry Kendal! That is hard news to hear.  I lost my little boy to complications from Trisomy 18 at 14 weeks.  It is crushing to know that we couldn't help our babies:smileysad:  It also makes me a little scared to TTC because my odds of having a baby with another chromosomal problem are now higher...

Again, I'm sorry about the loss of your little girl:smileysad:




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Tue, 07-31-2012 - 8:36am

How was the seminar Anne Marie? 

I read the book "Inconceivable" after you mentioned it. 

Would be great to hear how it went and what you thought of Julia.

Helen x