Saying "hi". :) Loooooong! :/

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Saying "hi". :) Loooooong! :/
Sat, 03-17-2012 - 8:37am

Good morning. :) My name is Kat, and I wanted to say "hi" and intro myself. I joined a couple weeks ago, but was waiting for after my surgery last week to come on and intro as things got a little wacky after that.

I'm married for 23 years in June, mom to 3 kids ages 21, 20(on the 29th), and 13, and just turned 40 12/29. I'm a sahm, even though my kids are way past daycare age, and just really, do not feel any interest in working outside the home. We're not rich, or even comfortable, but we have what we need, enough to where if I worked, it would still cost us money, and me time with my family. Our oldest left home to join the Army 2 years ago, our son is still at home, working, and starting school next month, and our youngest is blossoming as a 7th grader. I feel like I want to savor every moment of motherhood and family life possible, and that working has always been a drain on both of those goals.

I didn't have a problem conceiving my first 3 pregnancies, although I did miscarry my first due to a rubella vaccination I'd gotten before we got married. The next 2 were fine, full-term, healthy pregnancies, although I did have what the doc with my first baby called incompetant labor with them both, and even my 3rd.

It was 6 years before I conceived again, and I think maybe it was because of the Clomid my then doc had put me on for unrelated issues(iow, not to conceive). At the time I took it, I had been having breakthrough bleeding, massive depression, weight gain, horrible skin, and a host of other problems, and she thought it was all because I wasn't ovulating, so she put me on Clomid to stimulate ovulation, and warned us we could end up with multiples. I was told to chart my temps., sex, and all that, and we conceived our 3rd in April 98, and she was born vaginally at 41 weeks after about 6 hours of induced labor. Thank God she was just 1 lol. My girls were very colicky.

Anyhoo, we always thought we were done after her, but around last summer time, I began having feelings like I REALLY needed to have another baby. I tried to ignore them because I sincerely didn't want to have anymore babies--I was done! I was sure it was just my biological clock ticking, plus maybe because our oldest had left home and I was having that one foot in the empty-nest syndrome thing. But, the feeling kept getting stromger and stronger, and then the dreams came. I've prayed long, hard and fervently about it, and feel like I received the answer that we should go ahead.

Hubs is almost 7 years older than I am and didn't want another baby either, said it would be irresponsible to bring another baby into the family at his age, but I continued to discuss it often with him, and finally told him that the decision not to was on him, that I'm in this too, and so bc was on him. One day he comes to me and says he'd been praying about it too, and got his answer that he shouldn't be selfish, that he shouldn't disregard my feelings, and that if we had another baby, then that's what's supposed to happen.

Now, I've been having lots of the same problems for many, many years that

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Sat, 03-17-2012 - 9:04am

Welcome Kat! Glad to have you on board to share our stories with. We'll be here if you need to talk about the process whether or not you decide to go forward or not! These ladies are fabulous!

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Wed, 03-21-2012 - 1:15pm

Hi Kat, welcome to the board!

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