scant cervical mucous

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scant cervical mucous
Sun, 07-31-2005 - 3:24pm

I'm almost 42 and have noticed a decline in my cervical mucous. Instead of it being plentiful and having the consistency of egg whites, I know notice that there isn't as much as before.

I'm going to a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine for about 3 months now and I've been drinking teas which are supposed to help me make more mucous but to no avail.

Does anyone have any experience with this?


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Sat, 08-06-2005 - 9:52pm
I'm 43 and I'm not sure that I've noticed a decline in cervical mucous, but think that I have noticed some changes--that makes it more difficult to read what is going on with my cycle. I just wondered if you had heard of the product Preseed---(a lubricant that is sperm friendly, and has been found to be helpful in TTC)? I have just started using Preseed myself, and thought it couldn't hurt in TTC, and would help if cervical mucous is not as plentiful, or as optimal as it once was.
I don't have any experience with traditional chinese medicine and the teas you mentioned, but I am taking FertilAid, an herbal and supplemental formula.( I had never heard of teas that increase mucous, though I have heard of the ingredient guaifenesin that is in expectorant cough syrups like Robitussin--the plain kind of syrup, since it helps liquefy mucous in the lungs it can also help with the cervical fluid when used before and during ovulation.) If you are interested in the Preseed you can find sources for it on the web, by typing it into the iVillage search header up on top. Likewise the FertilAid can be found the same way--( I don't know if it is beneficial for increasing cervical mucous,though it is supposed to be beneficial towards general fertility and regulating AF, also don't know if it can be combined with the teas you mentioned). When I was 41 I kept thinking my cervical mucous quality was declining, but I guess at that time I was wrong, as I got pregnant with my daughter just fine! Now at 43 I'm also worrying about it again. Anyway, I hope that my response has been of some help, and good luck to you!
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Mon, 08-08-2005 - 8:00pm


I'm almost 43 and have been TTC #1 for about a year. I've also noticed a big difference in the quality of my CM, although I'm not really sure when the decline started. It's much thinner these days, and not at all like egg whites.

I haven't heard of herbs