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Fri, 08-20-2004 - 9:35pm

I am very sorry that your baby passed away. I got pregnant on my 40th birthday and our baby also passed away at 6 weeks. This was June 18. I am going to University Hospitals, Dr. Loret De Mola. I live in Bay Village. Who are you seeing in Akron?

Again, I am so very sorry.


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Sat, 08-21-2004 - 6:01am
Hi Mary!

Thanks for making a local contact! Its nice to know someone so close is also walking this trail! I will be seeing Dr. Mancuso on Tuesday with Summa Reproductive Endocrinologists. The program you are going to is really really good. I have many friends who have had great success at UH, and I have my beautiful neice (who was born to my then 40 year old sister) thanks to that program. My insurance, unfortunatly, does not cover UH docs, or that is where I would be going too. I have heard good things about the Akron program too, so I am looking forward to seeing what they can do for me.

Please keep in touch. My sister is from Bay VIllage as well, and I am formerly of Westlake, the DH brought me here to Akron, so here we are!! But I am a westsider at heart.

Many good wishes, and I will share any baby dust I get with you!!