Sorry I came and disappeared

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Sorry I came and disappeared
Sat, 02-03-2007 - 5:15pm

Hi all,
I am so sorry I introduced myself and then haven't been around. I fell and hurt my ankle so its been a little hectic but I am healing well.

I really had high hopes this week, last month I was 2 days early (I am usually 28 to the hour) and so this month on day 27 I had a spot when I went to the bathroom one time but that was it, nothing else. The day I was due, nothing, 2 days later still nothing. So we bought a test was going to use it this morning and of course, poof I started. It is light and the cramps are much different but I definately started, so that was highly disappointing. So back to the drawing board, oh well the trying is great.

I have not made an appointment with an RE yet, the orthopaedic doc and physical therapy have taken time so hopefully in a few weeks.