Three things we don't know about you.

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Three things we don't know about you.
Mon, 06-21-2010 - 3:54pm

Ok ladies, let's liven things up and have some fun. Also, don't forget to go down to the Fun and Games section for well, fun and games (and to get your mind off TTC).

Tell us three things about you that we don't know.

1) I like hot weather -- the hotter the better.

2) I read all the works by


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Tue, 06-22-2010 - 2:20pm

Oh this is fun!

1). I am an ex-wall street analyst who regrets wasting years working when I should have just been having kids. No money, shoes, purses comes close to the joy I feel with my kids....I'm a secret Michelle Dugger wannabe!

2). I have run 4 marathons

3). Sh...big secret...I love romance novels!

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Tue, 06-22-2010 - 12:26pm

Hmmm, you see I've been here so long, I don't know what I haven't already divulged!

1) I am a huge computer geek, my dh jokes with me that I can't live without my research tool and I've joked about inventing a hairband that conceals an internet connection so I can google 24/7.

2) I was the (frontwoman) of a band for 10 years. I miss those days but I don't miss the lack of sleep and stupid drunk dudes at every gig. ha ha!

3) I'm a Scorpio and can't sleep until I've figured something out.

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Tue, 06-22-2010 - 9:52am

Good idea!


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Mon, 06-21-2010 - 7:13pm