Trying to conceive at 47

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Trying to conceive at 47
Thu, 03-11-2010 - 4:58pm

Just turned 47 last month. Going to try for the next 6 months and if nothing occurs, we are letting it go. I was on the Pregnant over 40 board 18 months ago. Second marriage, not planning on having any kids. He had never had any and I got pregnant by accident at 45 and delivered at almost 46.

If it had not been for my son who is now 18 months old, we would probably not want another. But, he really has brought us much more joy that we could have anticipated. I realize the odds are very slim; no misconceptions at all. Have spoken to my OB/GYN and she thinks I am crazy. My family physician is also concerned about this decision. So, I contacted a fertility specialist. His secretary told me at my age, the only way to conceive would be using a donor egg. We really do not want to do anything invasive. All I really wanted was some Clomid or Pergonal, but he said they don't give it out to women my age. I have not entered into any signs of peri-menopause yet. I still have periods every 30-31 days.

Any suggestions? Herbs I might try, etc... LOL Thanks.


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Tue, 03-16-2010 - 1:19pm

Oh,yes! Lori, so glad to hear you are expecting #2. I remember you well. You were one of my faves on the board. I remember shortly after you had Max you conceived again rather quickly and lost it. So, this is GREAT NEWS !!! I see that there are a few from our group that are preg again! So, encouraging !

No, I had absolutely no problems. Gonna give it a big college try and see how it goes. Wish me luck, Lori ! So nice to hear from you. Tell everyone I said HI !!! Maybe I will make it back over to that board....ya never know ! May is not that far off! Another boy! Aren't they so precious!? I am enjoying this time of my life so much more than I could have even envisioned ! Thanks for stopping in and for saying HI ! You made my day !


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Tue, 03-16-2010 - 3:53pm


thanks for the good wishes.

Susan L.

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Wed, 03-17-2010 - 9:31am
Wow, what a lot of hassle you had to go through with that pain-in-the-neck doctor! I applaud you for not chickening out after all you've been through. Have you taken a look at that wonderful website ? It's really inspirational! Good luck to you!
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Thu, 03-18-2010 - 9:11am

Do you have to keep this doctor? I would be looking for a new one, if possible. Why is it that doctors forget WE are paying THEM?

I'm sorry you're going through this. There's got to be a more supportive care giver out there.

I just don't get it. If I wanted an FSH done or whatever....and my doctor told me "no?" WTH? Am I not paying for this?

Good luck to you sweetie. I hope there is a little bundle of joy out there for you.


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Thu, 03-18-2010 - 9:16am
Dear dee6kids, I think you directed your answer to me by mistake, when it was meant for another lady! Please check! Thanks!
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Wed, 03-24-2010 - 11:55am

Hey Rachelle!

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Thu, 03-25-2010 - 3:06pm


While a minority of women can get successfully pg at age 47, I think the fact that you got pg at 45 (by accident no less), and had a healthy baby and uncomplicated pregnancy, strongly increases your chances of success at age 47...a pretty good chance you may be part of minority with real potential for success. My RE does not like Clomid for women in their late 30's and up, it tends to thicken the cm and thins the endometrium, which can already be issues for older women. Given that you got pg fairly recently and easily, if you are still ovulating, frankly I would just let your body do its thing and see what happens. Your body may already be pretty well balanced and while some herbs and supplements can be good for correcting an imbalance, if you don't need them they may do more harm than good (throw you out of balance). If you find you do have some kind of imbalance, then herbs or supps may be good.

Your OB/Gyn sounds like a negative nightmare, can you switch? I'll be 42 when I have my first child (with my own eggs) and my OB/gyn has been nothing but encouraging and supportive of my efforts to have a baby, despite the difficulties we've had in the past. There is absolutely no reason you should be denied some basic blood tests.

As to what your Mom said, the fact you had no health complications so recently should also make your chances of an uncomplicated pg much better. Personally I would get a cvs or amnio if you succeed in getting pg given the risks at that age (risk of chromosomal abnormality 1 in 11 if you give birth at 47, 1 in 8 if you give birth at 48), but that is really a personal decision and entirely up to you and your DH.

Good luck and keep us posted!

- Jenna, 41, DH 38 TTC since September '06 with MFI. 3 failed unmedicated IUI's with DH sperm, 1 failed IUI with injects with DH sperm, IVF #1 BFN, FET BFP but M/c week 5, IVF#2 BFP m/c week 7, IUI with injects and donor sperm: probable chemical pg. 1 failed unmedicated DS/IUI. Started BCP's 7/30 for IVF #3, ER 9/10, ET 9/15, Beta 9/24 results 9/25. BFP, Twins. Lost 1st twin at 9-10 weeks, lost second twin at 16 weeks 12/17/08. Attempted IUI #4 converted to DS/DH IUI April 09 at my request, BFP and M/c. IVF #4 June 09 BFN. DS-IUI w/injects 7/6/09, BFN. Hysteroscopic myomectomy to remove fibroid 7/29/09.Unmedicated DS-IUI 9/09, BFN. DS-IUI with injects, 10/09, BFP and M/C. DH/DS-IUI with injects and HGH, 12/6. BFP! Betas: 12dpo 12/18 58, 14 dpo 12/20 157, 16dpo 12/22 379, 22 dpo 12/28 4,002

- Jenna
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Fri, 03-26-2010 - 8:33am

Hi, I highly recommend acupuncture. I have not got pregnant yet but have had great results in preparing my body for a hopefully soon to be healthy pregnancy (cycle length improved gradually, healthier period (no spotting days but immediate start of proper flow), better energy and spleen function etc. Now, these are basic health issues my acupuncturist identified I had that she wanted to address first while at the same starting needle treatment for infertility (treating my eggs/ovaries). I will take infertility herbs if the needles with improving overall (fertility related) health does not provide results.

Sounds silly/hard to believe(?) perhaps but the way my acupuncturist explains it, is the treatments (needles and herbs, if needed) will help 'take years off' your eggs. How is that for good news! I have seen my acupuncturist before for other issues and she is very forthright and honest about what is possible (for example when treating a severe lower back issue, she shared about a patient who did not improve with acu but needed surgery). Her website The Infertility cases she has listed on her site do not include anyone over 43 and several did do a combination of acu and fertility treatments. You may want to contact her for advise. When looking for an acupuncturist in your area, be aware that while many are good, there are also many who are not. You also want to find someone who is specialized in infertility.


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Sat, 04-10-2010 - 12:44pm

Me too!

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Sat, 04-10-2010 - 12:48pm


Wow.... I don't even know what all the terms in your history mean, but I realize the bottom line is you've been through a lot.