trying but nervous...

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trying but nervous...
Mon, 08-15-2005 - 10:42pm
I will be 40 in exactly one week, so I guess I should join this board now!!!
I have two DS, aged 8 and 7, and had no problems conceiving either time. Now we want another, and having been TTC for about 8 months. Now i know the advice at my age is to try for 6 months and then visit the doctor, but frankly I think that if nothing happens spontaneously then thats whats meant to be. Just my view, probably colored by the fact that I think at my age if I did achieve pregnancy, i would be terrified of some abnormality. Is there anyone else out there thinking the same way, ie wants to get pregnant but nervous of the consequences? This never crossed my mind when i was having my two boys of course as I was so much younger. I just get very scared when I read the statistics and wonder if i shouldn't just be content with what I have. Anyone else in a similar sort of situation to me? Would love to know I'm not the only ditherer!