update on rollercoaster month

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update on rollercoaster month
Sun, 05-13-2007 - 6:29am

This month was supposedly my first TTC month, and it was a mess. I had odd mid-cycle bleeding and pain, and then my DH said he wasn't ready to conceive, but I am turning 41, and it isn't as though we can "wait and see."

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Sun, 05-13-2007 - 7:04am

What a bummer of a month... I hope things improve for you. Sorry about DH-- men! Sometimes you just want to smack them...



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Sun, 05-13-2007 - 11:49am

Oh, I am sorry about this. :-( Hopefully next month, DH will be ready and your body will cooperate as well!

Not that this will make you feel any better but my friend got pregnant (first time) at 43 and delivered her baby when she was just shy of her 44th birthday... Not that any of us have the luxury of a whole heck of a lot of time, but you do have a little...


Happy mother's Day!


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Wed, 05-16-2007 - 6:45pm
Mari, that is so frustrating! I hate it when things go totally wacko.

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