What advice would you give to the first time TTCer Over 40?

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What advice would you give to the first time TTCer Over 40?
Fri, 10-29-2010 - 9:07pm

What advice can you give to the person who is TTC for the very first time over 40?

Please add it in-- you can add to my post or just do a new one.

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Learn your menstrual cycle - the Toni Weschler book is great.
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Be patient, this may not be the quickest and easiest thing you've ever done in your life.

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I completely agree with Krista.

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I've been lurking on this website for over 18 months now, I finally have something to contribute.

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Congrats Oregoncoast! That is fantastic news! I'm on another board where I have some due date buddies

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Congrats Oregon and thanks for the great advice!

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Congratulations Oregon!!!

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I am new to this site and reading all the posts has lifted my spirits and hopes for TTC over 40. I turned 41 in November and reading the statistics had really brought me down. My DH and I got pregnant first time trying when I was almost 40 and we held off until June this year to try again. We're on our 6th month of trying and nothing. I did schedule an appt with a RE but am nervous as to what I'm going to hear (too old, 5% of women over 40 conceive naturally, etc. Etc. I started seeing a women who practices Traditional Chinese Medicine with an emphasis on fertility so we'll see what happens. Any words of advise, support and success stories is hugely appreciated. Thanks so much!!
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I just wanted to congratulate you and your husband, Reading about your dream coming true gives me hope that my dream may come true as well.