Where do i start in this journey??

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Where do i start in this journey??
Fri, 05-25-2007 - 4:09pm

I am Anna and I am 41 (will turn 42 in August). I have two DS, aged 9 and 8. Conceived naturally and quickly, though then I was in my early thirties. Anyway for about the past two years I have wanted another child. I have taken all the supplements (except fertility blend, never tried that one), but so far no baby. At my yearly gyniw exam last year I mentioned to the Dr that I would like another baby. Well she looked so negative and was so unhelpful, even telling me that at my age I had only a ten percent chance of conceiving. She vaguely mentioned some blood tests that 'could' be done, but with the attitude (or so it seemed to me) that it was all a waste of time really . So of course I didn't pursue it. Now i think one year later I should have insisted that she refer me on to someone. However, here is my current situation.

I think I do need to resort to some kind of medical intervention, clomid or IVF or something. However I am just about to change jobs, and insurance companies, and have no idea what the coverage in the new scheme will be. I haven't yet got all the details. In general, are infertility issues covered by insurance or does it vary widely?

Any advice would be appreciated as to where I shoud got from here. As I am presumably suffering from secondary infertility, should I go directly to a specialist for fertility problems? Or can my own general doctor do the blood test to see what kind of FSH reserve I have?

Thanks in advance for any help or advice,

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Fri, 05-25-2007 - 4:35pm

Hi Anna,

Welcome to the board!

First, I want to say I'm sorry your doc was such a stinker.

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Tue, 05-29-2007 - 10:45pm

Hi Anna,

Stella gave you some great advice (as usual). Not all companies cover infertility insurance. So that's something you would need to check with in human resources etc., since IVFs etc. are rather expensive.

First of all, you're not that old. (I just turned 45, so it's all perspective!) And your doctor sounds lazy to not even offer you options. YOU technically are her boss, so if this is something you want, she should be offering your options--and warning you of some of the dangers is part of her job, sure. But scaring you from trying isn't.

I did IVF when I was around your age, and my RE actually DIDN'T tell me that I only had a 5% chance of getting pregnant via IVF. I wish he would've 'cause that might have made me change my mind about going through that. (I've been pregnant 3x--all naturally in my 40's, but none of them lasted beyond 17 weeks.) BUT, my friend has gotten pregnant (same RE as me) two times. She is 40 now.

Most insurance companies won't cover a RE visit unless you get a referral from your primary care doctor. So tell your doctor that you've been trying to have another baby for the past two years and that you've been unsuccessful and that you would like to get referred to see a RE. RE's are used to seeing older women like us, so he or she most likely won't make you feel like you're older than Moses! I would have the RE do a full test to find out what your hormone levels are (estrogen/progesterone), what your FSH levels are, and if you have any blood clotting issues that need to be taken care of (this is good to know BEFORE you get pregnant so they can treat you for it with baby aspirin or Heparin after you get pregnant). Mine also did a HSG (basically shooting dye through your fallopian tubes) to make sure that they're not clogged or crimped. That can hinder getting pregnant as well.

Good luck!



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