Writing about Infertility & Need Help!

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Writing about Infertility & Need Help!
Thu, 09-07-2006 - 9:47pm


I am writing a novel about a character who comes in contact with a group of women who are all suffering from fertility issues, and from them she learns some unexpected life lessons.

I don't have first-hand experience with pregnancy and/or infertility, but I would appreciate hearing from women who have. I realize this is a sensitive subject, so I will be totally respectful of your feelings and completely discreet. I would like to ask you some questions about your experience in trying to conceive, what kind of condition prevented you from doing so, what kind of treatments you received, etc. Naturally, you wouldn't have to answer any questions you felt uncomfortable answering. Anything you can tell me about the specifics of infertility and trying to conceive will help me to create authentic characters with believable stories.

You can post to me here, or feel free to e-mail me at ilovegilbertgrape@yahoo.com

Thank you!


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Sun, 09-10-2006 - 12:11am

Juana, Can I suggest thatyou just read through the archives here, and on TTC over 35, and on IVF, and on 6 months still trying, and...

You'll get the real feel that way. Spend a couple of days doing that. It will be an eye opener and it will clarify your questions. Pick up a particular user name and follow their journey over 6 months or a year.

FWIW, I am a long-ago graduate of this board. I had my 2 children at 39 and 42. I had a different user name when I was a member here.

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Fri, 09-15-2006 - 12:02am

i agree that you'll get more info just researching things on your own here, instead of asking.

also, i can tell you that after a year of dealing w/fertility issues, i have made my mind up not to buy/read/subscribe to or pay attention to anything that mentions the word "infertility."