Impromptu RE appt...IVF scheduled!

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Impromptu RE appt...IVF scheduled!
Thu, 08-02-2012 - 11:42am

So in addition to AF being later than usual she's been REALLY heavy.  Like going through a pad every 2 hrs or so and passing clots and whatnot.  So after a few days of this I emailed my clinic.  They called me and said they wanted to see me first thing this morning.  I didn't want to go because it had slowed down a lot last night and seemed to have stopped all together this morning.  i had to get up at 545 to get there on time and its 1.5 hrs of driving and taking time off work so overall a pain, but I am glad I went.

They went on about how they were worried it might be a polyp or something but since the bleeding had stopped and I had recent ultrasounds they wouldn't do another but to call back immediately if it started again or if I had pain.   They also took all my vitals again and according to their scale I've lost 11 lbs since my methotrexate shot.  But their scale had me heavier at both instances fully clothed and after eating.  But yay 11 lbs! 

While I was there I asked to go over my next IVF to see if my dates synced up.  And guess what?!

THEY DO!!!!  As long as my period starts by September 1st (or around there he didn't give me an absolute he just said we could use my September 1st period) I can cycle in Sept/Oct uptime!  Yay!!!!  Since I will be at Disney the week of the 19th I asked if AF arrived that THursday or Friday if I came in Monday would that be okay and she said yes, so I don't think AF should arrive any earlier than that, more than likely she will arrive the last week in August, but we all know how fickle AF can be so I hope she cooperates.  

The RE also reviewed my plan and they have me not using bcps and starting at a lower stim dose(low and long).  He agreed with the no bcps but thought I should start at a 'normal' stim dose (225 not 150) so not sure about that but I trust him.  So now I have to call the financial people so I can requalify for IVF.  My last approval was only good for a year.  I dont think I will have an issue re-qualifying.  

Luckily I am having a 'let's get this party started' day and not an 'i dont want to do IVF again day' So now I'm really happy.  Oh I also mentioned DH stopped smoking and stopped a med so hopefully he will have a better sperm count now so we may not have to use DS.  So when I call when my period starts I will need to do baseline bloodwork and ultrasound and DH can set up an SA to freeze. I mentioned how they froze ONE sperm last time and she said you can have them call you before they freeze next time so we are going to do that.  I hope and pray he has sperm so we dont have to use a donor again.  

So excited!!!!  *happy dance*

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Thu, 08-02-2012 - 11:50am
That's great news that you'll be able to cycle with the Sept/Oct up time =) Sorry AF has been so mean to you this time around though...that stinks. Hope she's taking it out on you now and is well behaved later this month. It always feels so nice to have a plan!

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Thu, 08-02-2012 - 3:44pm
Yay Elizabeth! So glad the timing seems like it will work out well. It is so awesome that your DH quit smoking. Hopefully that plus being off the medicine wil make an improvement!! Mine has tried to quit but it hasn't stuck in the past. When we start the ttc talk next year (I'm holding out hope for us to get back to trying next year) I will see if it is a good time to bring up the smoking thing as well.

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Thu, 08-02-2012 - 3:55pm
Caryn - I LOVE a plan! I'm so excited. This makes my days more worthwhile. I was beginning to really hate getting up and going to work each day even with the prospect of Disney ahead. I think I needed something *more* to look forward to. Now I have it!

Britty - DH quit smoking using Chantix. It literally makes him sick to his stomach if he smells someone else smoking now. It's a miracle drug for sure! He has to be on it 3 months though. He's in his last month. He had his last cig on Memorial day. (you can smoke the first week on the Chantix then slowly smoking begins to taste gross and make you sick to your stomach. lol). Takes 3 months for his sperm to regenerate though so I'm hoping by Sept/October he has some healthy boys! :smileyvery-happy:

Elizabeth (31) DH (36) TTC #1 since July 2008

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Thu, 08-02-2012 - 6:59pm

Congrats on having an IVF plan.  What will your protocol be?  I know you said you won't have to take BCPs which is awesome.  Will you still be doing Lupron or just start stimming after your 9/1 AF?

Im glad your DH quit smoking finally and that he's off the meds that are bad for sperm.  Hopefully he will have plenty of swimmers for ICSI. Do you remember seeing that story about the couple that had IVF success from one frozen sperm?  I thought of that when you said you have one on ice.


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