Less TV, More Exercise Could Improve Fertility in Men

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Less TV, More Exercise Could Improve Fertility in Men
Tue, 02-05-2013 - 3:06pm

A research study suggests that too many hours in front of the TV could lead to decreased sperm counts.  From an article on TodayShow.com: 

Twenty five percent of the 189 men reported logging more than 20 hours per week of TV time, Chavarro said.  Their sperm counts were 44 percent lower than those of the men who watched little television, the researchers report in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. The men who reported exercising 14 hours a week or more – enough to get out of breath – had the highest sperm counts.


The article goes on to discuss that the findings could be related to healthier habits in the group that watches less TV versus actual time in front of it.  

Is your SO trying to live a healthier lifestyle to improve your chances?  If not, are you going to try to get him to make some changes?