5 days late no AF yet! Help!

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5 days late no AF yet! Help!
Mon, 10-07-2013 - 4:31pm

Hi everyone...

This is my first post! I either just need encouragement of a slap in the face to move on!

AF is 5 days late and no signs pointing to her arrival! At 14 dpo I had fatigue and lower back ache... Then I was getting very low cramps... But not the usual AF cramps... Like a tingly burning cramp... Not stabby! I also had pain around my left ovary. Also, keep feeling wet like AF has come but she hadnt! Then there's no CM on panties of TP! Tested today... 5 days late BFN! Very disappointing! I'm getting sick and tired if seeing a negative sign every month!

Is it possible to get a BFN and a few days later get a BFP? 

Any advice, thoughts, personal experiences?!?