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Sat, 07-23-2011 - 3:18am

This is my first cycle trying, and we are trying not to say we are trying so we don't stress ourselves out. So I stopped taking birth control on July 9th. AF was here on July 13th. So CD14 will be July 26th, however the past 2 days I have had slight cramping on the right side, and today my cervix felt really soft and high (tmi, sorry). My hubby and I BD'd last night. Is there anyway that I could have ovulated early? I'm new to all this and not really sure if I'm imagining things because I want them to be true or if it could be possible that I ovulated early.

Thanks for any help!


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Sat, 07-23-2011 - 10:48am
Hi Jen, Welcome to the board! Those signs do sound like ovulation. The girls here pointed me in the direction of It's a great site full of all kinds of info like this. Also, since you just got off the pill it could throw your cycles off for a bit. FX your BD was a quick success!

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Tue, 07-26-2011 - 6:44pm
Hi Jen...I know that in my case, I have a shorter cycle (25-26 days), so I O on CD11-12. My first cycle off BCP I was tracking CM and ovulation pain, determined that I Oed on CD11. So it is very possible that you are in the same situation. You should start tracking your symptoms to help you have a clearer picture. I have found that the site is helpful for tracking as well.