feel like giving up

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feel like giving up
Sun, 02-05-2012 - 7:18am
Hi, my dh and I have been ttc for 7 months. My last cycle was jan the 12 a 29 day cycle. My lp is 13 if that helps. I got a +opk on jan 22 we bd on the 23 and on the 26. I think I ovulated on the 24. I took a fr today at 12 dpo and neg. Every month neg, I can't take the heartache any more. Any ladies got a neg on 12 dpo then got a pos later?
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Sun, 02-05-2012 - 4:24pm

Hi Nategrl. Sorry you're having a difficult time TTC. I'm also glad you found us. Everyone's cycle is different, but I'm pretty sure there is someone who can help ease your mind about this cycle.

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Sun, 02-05-2012 - 5:04pm
Thank you so much!
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Mon, 02-06-2012 - 10:50am
Don't lose hope, you're never out until AF shows to crash your party! Try to stay positive and just wait it out. If you don't get a positive I hope you stick around, there are lots of girls here with knowledge that can help. FX'd that you get your positive!


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Wed, 02-08-2012 - 5:12pm

I've been pregnant twice, but miscarried both times.

I don't test before 14DPO because you may not even have enough HCG in your system to get a +HPT before that since you'd be exactly 4 weeks at that point. GL and I hope you get your BFP quickly!


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