Hi confused and unsure of where to start!!

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Hi confused and unsure of where to start!!
Tue, 11-08-2011 - 1:46pm

Hi my name is carla im im in my ealy 20's and never have have fallen pregnant despite of years of unprotected sex. And I

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Hi Carla,
I'm only 22 and my husband and I have been together for two years. I found myself feeling the same way you do wondering why I haven't gotten prego yet. since it's been two years and it hasnt happened yet so this month I brought some Opk's and preseed to try and help things along. As far as I known there is nothing wrong with me, I have had a few test done and they all seem to be fine. I have very irregular cycles and that makes it hard to predict when I will O. Just get some Opk's and just give it sometime. I hope you get a BFP soon!!!
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Hi Carla, welcome to the board. You might want to discuss your diabetes with your doctor and how it might affect TTC. I'm not sure what types of test they would want to run, although they should be able to tell you that.

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Welcome to the board!! One thing about diabetes is it can cause you to not ovulate, w/o ovulation you cannot get pg. You can have tests run but with money being an issue those tests can rack up fast. Couple things I would suggest that wouldn't cost much is to buy the book "Taking Charge of your Fertility". I think I bought mine for $10 on ebay. It's a ttc bible & gives you everything you need step by step. You should buy a basel body themometer & temp every morning to confirm if you ovulate or not, they're around $10 as well. Also opk strips can be found cheap on earlypregnancytests.com which would also help pinpoint ovulation. Those 3 things could help tremendously & you could get them all for less than $50. Hope that helps you & GL!!
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Hi Carla, I would start by scheduling an appointment with your doctor to discuss your general health, TTC and more. I also highly recommend the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility. It contains a great wealth of information about our bodies, cycles and getting pregnant. I'd start there before doing any invasive or expensive testing.

Timing is crucial in getting pregnant. So there may not be anything wrong with your fertility at all, you just may never have timed things right. Again, TCOYF is a great place to start learning about all of this and talking to your doctor of course too.


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