Me and my fiancee have been trying to conceive for four years.

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Me and my fiancee have been trying to conceive for four years.
Mon, 02-20-2012 - 11:37am

I'ma start off by saying that I am totally confused about me not being able to conceive with my fiance. I dont want to put my business out there but Im a little confused and seeking for answers. Me and my fiance has been together four years. Our first couple of years we really wasnt ready for a child so trying was out the question. We ended up splitting for a few months and I slept with another man and got pregnant:smileysad:. I carried for two months and then had a miscarriage. My fiance and I got back together and resolved our issues and figured that it is time for us to start our family. I am not sure if I have irregular periods or not. A few months they come and go just fine as if they are normal and then I would say a few months down the line they start staying an extra day or two; or they would stop and then wait 4-5 days and then come back as if im having another period for that month. Its confusing and stressful. We are really wanting a baby and hoping for the better. I know I can get pregnant due to my previous miscarriage. I use to question him being able to produce but he states that before we met he had another female pregnant but her parents talked her into an abortion.

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Welcome to the group. I'm sorry that you've had such a hard time with TTC and had some issues along the way. It's probably not that you're doing anything wrong. How long have you been trying again to conceive? If it's been a while you should probably think about getting some b/w drawn by your doctor, especially if you're having problems with your cycle and with AF coming and going as if you're having another period.

BD'ing every other day is a great start and you can try elevating your butt with a pillow after sex. If you don't track when you ovulate that would be another great thing to start doing. Not all women ovulate around the middle of the cycle. I found out when I started charting that I O around day 21-23 which is way late. If you know when you're O'ing your timing will be much better.

I'm not sure if this was much help or not. Sometimes there isn't much advice we can give but to keep trying or talk to your doctor. We're glad you came to the group though and keep asking away and most of the girls here are full of knowledge and may have the answer to your questions. I hope your stay here is short and sweet and you can get your BFP!


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Welcome to the board, mzkey2012. I'm so sorry that you have had trouble conceiving. You might try tracking ovulation to see if it's happening, and maybe to get a grasp on your cycles. At least if you do see a doctor you can share that information with them:

I'm glad you posted, it does help to have support from women who understand how you are feeling. (((HUGS)))