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Wed, 04-18-2012 - 3:15am
Hi ladies!! So I have a 8month old that I'm breastfeeding. I have had my period back for 4 months (regular 28days). This month however I am 27days late!! Bfn on lots of tests :p. so I was thinking it was An anovulatory cycle. My question is after one of these cycles (without any bleeding) do u just follow on an ovulate at the normal time for the next cycle?? Not sure if I'm making sense but we are TTC #2, and I did get lots of ewcm, at what should be 14 days before the next period??
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Hi Beesmummy, this is actually a group of women trying for their first child. I can recommend another board though that might have an answer for you. What I can tell you is that if you haven't had any bleeding you may still be on the same cycle and it may just be a really long cycle. If it's been 2 months since you've had a period then I would consider calling your doctor and sometimes they can prescribe something to help you get your period.

Here is the link to the TTC group which may be able to help you better.


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Hi beesmummy :) I also wanted to let you know we have a TTC & Breastfeeding board that would have a lot of information for you: