Blood tests....

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Blood tests....
Sat, 08-21-2010 - 7:31pm

So I had some lab work done on CD 3; here are the results:

LH: 7.0 (pretty good!)

FSH: 5.3 (yay!)

TSH: 0.91 (getting happy!)

prolactin: 3 (lower end of the range, but still in there!)

Estrogen (estradiol): 55 (in range)

Then on CD 21 I went back and had two more tests done:

Glucose (fasting): 73 (right smack dab in the middle!!!! YIPPEEE)

Progesterone: 0.3

So when I received all my lab results I of course googled them all. And I came to find out that my progesterone is at the level of a mans and/or at the level of what it should be during our follicle stage.

So needless to say.... that's the problem! I would've known all of this about two months ago IF my stupid dr would've just ordered the tests for me like I asked him to do, but I guess since he knows more than I do about my own damn body... he didn't. Anyways, that's when I dumped him and picked up an RE dr!

Okay, now on the 26th I will have my first consultation with the RE dr. I am hoping they can start me on something and this first visit will be productive; I hope it will be more than just a meet and greet... I want something to come out of it.

Can any of you girls tell me what your first experience and appointment was like with your RE?

Also do these results indicate that I am not ovulating? I think that's what I understood about it... could the levels of my LH and FSH mean that I don't have PCOS? Because I thought that CD3 LH had to be around double of FSH to mean PCOS... but I could be wrong.

Thanks you guys!

I know I haven't been around much... busy busy with school and work!!! I hope everyone is doing great and I'll check out more what has been posted....

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Sun, 08-22-2010 - 5:02am

All of your b/w looks pretty good. I wouldn't worry too much about the LH:FSH ratio because it's only slightly off. A PCOSer would have a bigger LH reading (mine was in the high 20's, and the overall ration was 3:1.) This isn't to suggest that you definitely don't have PCOS, but those numbers alone aren't a Dx. PCOS shows itself in so many forms, and you could have one or all of: anovulation, elevated LH, acne, overweight,

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Sun, 08-22-2010 - 5:36pm

Thanks Kim.

That's what was confusing for me... and why I posted this in the first place.

See about two months ago, I changed my OB. When I was on the phone with the representative, I was telling her my problems so she made sure my new dr would be the head of the RE department. So when I went to him, I just laid out everything; he had his opinion; plus my insurance provider is all connected. So when I went to the drs two years ago, they know what it was for! We talked about PCOS, infertility, medications, so hopefully we can bypass that.

I am hoping that they can consider that the initial appt. I had to go to this orientation for infertility, get my orders for my blood and get the run down about infertility.

I hope that they can get me situated quickly for 2 reasons: 1) my work schedule. This dr is only available for infertility issues Tuesday and Thursday 830 or 930. I work! I work an hour away... and I already have to take time off for this Thursday appt, so hopefully they can work with me. And 2) cuz I want to get this waiting patiently over with!

We'll see though!

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Mon, 08-23-2010 - 10:04am

I would start temping- that's an easy way to confirm that you ovulate. When I met with my fertility specialist, I whipped out my charts from the past several months, he took one look and said "well, you should have gotten pg. Let's figure out why you haven't." He was able to skip some tests (which equals time and money for me) because he knew I was ovulating and that I was Oing in the middle of my cycle and that I had a long enough LP. I'm so glad I had those charts because we moved on to other tests which revealed the issue (my tubes).


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