Does this make sense? TMI--- sorry

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Does this make sense? TMI--- sorry
Sat, 05-29-2010 - 10:17pm

I finished my 7 day provera about 3 weeks ago. I have yet to get my period... no bueno! But I emailed my dr and asked him what I should do. He said I need to wait 6 weeks, test and if it's a negative then go talk to him.

But over the past 2 weeks or so, it feels like it might be coming... like the starting of it. A little bit of cramps. And then I will think that I feel it... but turns out to be mucus.

So I am wondering for those who have irregularity, if they have a lot of mucus irregularly throughout the months... I don't think that I have had a dry day for the past 2 months... either somewhat mucusy or really mucusy... make sense?

What does all this mucus mean if I don't O? Or am I O'ing all the time? (Don't really think that, but figured I should ask anyway). Do we have excess mucus naturally? Like sometimes it'll feel like I either peed myself, some of my DH's men are coming out or I just started my period... but it's none of those!

Does this post make sense? I'm sorry I'm really tired today!

Thanks guys!!! <3

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Wed, 06-02-2010 - 1:57am

It's hard to say what it could be if anything. My CM varies so much throughout my cycles, and I tend to not always see the fertile stuff around O. CM is not always a reliable indicator of anything for me, but I think I'm the exception and not the rule.

Taking provera isn't always a guarantee that AF will come, and when/if it does it could take a while. The longest it took for me was 2 weeks...what a long 2 weeks that was! It is possible that you can O when you take it, like your body was gearing up for O when you took it. It's amazing the number of things that can happen all at once to cause further confusion.

Honestly, as little help as it is, waiting it out is probably the best thing because you never can tell until AF shows or you get a BFP.

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