Infertility awareness

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Infertility awareness
Wed, 10-24-2012 - 5:31pm

I wish I had known this ahead of time but the topic today on Ricky Lake was all about infertility!  I just happened to see a preview and the the show was very good.  They talked to a few women who were struggling with infertility.  The one woman had actually lost her job and going to IVF treatments and being absent actually contributed to her losing her job.  They ended up giving her a free round of IVF which we all know is definitely not cheap!  They also talked about a man who actually donates his sperm for free to struggling couples.  He is a virgin in good health who felt it was something he could do to help and he never really thinks he himself will marry and have a family of his own.  It was really neat to see how giving he could be to complete strangers.  He also will continue to donate to the couple until they achieve pregnancy or choose to no longer go through with IVF.  They had a few natural fertility boosters, but nothing I'd ever really heard of, and I can't remember what he was recommending, but he is supposed to be the go to person for infertility. He did recommend acupuncture as a treatment for infertility which I've heard good things about.  They also talked about gender selection which is very controvertial.  The woman they showed had 3 boys and felt her family was not complete without a girl.  This is the couple's second trip from Austrailia to do IVF to try to achieve a girl.  I know I felt troubled hearing about this when families have healthy children and are still trying these procedures to achieve a child of the opposite gender.  I know there are many opinions on this and I'm sure I would feel differently if I felt it was my family that was incomplete. 

There are several clips that you can watch on Ricky Lake's website and I'll try to put some links at the bottom.  I'm sure some of the video will be on youtube or hulu maybe.  I just wish I'd known ahead of time so I could share with all of you!