Just dropping in!

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Just dropping in!
Sat, 09-01-2012 - 12:14am
Hi ladies!! Not sure if anyone is still around that would remember me but I wanted to drop in & say hi. I ended up getting super sick last year & had 3 systems failing (ovaries included). Anyways I'm finally back up to par with lots of treatment & ready to roll. Sadly a few months ago we were devastated to learn DH has a super low sperm count. They have no clue why & there are really no options to cure it. Although we do have him on Fertilaid/Count Boost & it has def improved but not enough yet to make a huge difference. After much thought & several opinions/specialists later we've decided we will be doing IVF with ICSI in Jan 2013. I'm super excited but also very nervous :/ It's thousands of $, lots of meds & not the greatest odds of success. But it's our only option so it's what we'll do! Anyways just dropping in to say hi & I wish you all a sticky BFP very, very soon!!
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