Just stopping by to say hello :)

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Just stopping by to say hello :)
Tue, 03-27-2012 - 6:44pm

Hello ladies! I was just stopping by after trying to catch up on some resent posts, I just wanted to see how everyone was doing :) I see we've lost some ladies :( haven't heard from Tiff or Brittany in a while.. I hope everyone is doing well and that the new comers are being welcomed in ;) I doubt that anyone new is feeling uncomfortable or like they don't belong. We are all here for one thing and one thing only, to get pregnant. And to make some new friends of course :)

Hey speaking of new friends, I know most of you tried the free predictions with Cheri22, well I found a new one, she does card readings. I just recently won a free in depth reading from her and I should be receiving it soon. I'll share it all with you if you would like. But here is her website.

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Wed, 03-28-2012 - 9:18am
Shana, I'm glad you are doing well and stopped by to see how we're doing. I don't know that we've had many changes here. I wish we had some BFP's to share, but I think they are to come soon! Let us know how the tarot reading goes, I drive past a psychic every day on my way home and have been thinking about going. A friend of mine went and she told her she was pg and she didn't even know yet and was definitely not trying. I've been told she's very accurate, but my friend said don't go unless you want the cold hard truth. Not sure what I think about it.

Keep us posted, we miss you.


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Wed, 03-28-2012 - 8:51pm

Hi Shana,

Glad to see you back on here... even if only briefly! I'll definitely be interested to see what the results are for your reading. I did the paid reading from Cherri22 and she said she saw two boys (two years apart) and September as the month, which I did find out I was pregnant in September (the first miscarriage) and found out again in December (again miscarriage), so I am hoping I don't have to wait until September to conceive or with that as a birth month- Eek!

Your DH is finishing school and June will be here before you know it- it's practically April already! I'm glad you've found soccer to occupy your time a person could go crazy just waiting. TTC can be stressful and I'm happy that your taking time to put your marriage first, sometimes us women want babies so bad we focus so much on that- that our poor DH get put on the back burner. I can totally relate.

BTW, how did your Oregon Trail type thing go? Sorry I forgot the name!

Definitely keep us posted with how you're doing. It's rather quiet without your presence.


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