My fear for future little one

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My fear for future little one
Wed, 08-18-2010 - 8:28am

Warning - slightly depressing subject

Just wondering if you ladies have some of the same fears I have when it comes to bringing a baby into the world. I was watching the news the other night which is something I don't normally do because I think too much. They were talking about how we have too much BPA in our systems and what that could mean. Then I saw an article about a handful of female Chinese babies that are lactating because of the chemicals in their formula .. just disgusting. Between natural disasters, big business recklessly producing products and human greed causing crime what am I promising my LO?
I know as a parent it will be my duty to protect my children but can I compete with the world?

sorry to go on, just stuff on my mind.

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Wed, 08-18-2010 - 8:37am

I have thought about those things too. It can get kind of depressing. But you just have to think about all of the great things that you can show your future lo. And you can start making a change by teaching your lo about how they can change the way the world is. Try to not think of it as a fear, but we have learned lessons in our life time and now we know what we need to teach our children so they can change it without even knowing they are. If they grow up with different values then us, then they will make the right choices without even thinking about it.


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