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I didn't know exactly where I should post this, but I just felt I had to get it out.

My DH and I have agreed to have a kid about 4 years ago. He didn't necessarily want another child, but I told him from the beginning what I want and we were able to agree to it. He's a very blunt man, not very emotional, etc (think it was because of the Marines for his demeanor).

This may sound cruel or crude, but I kinda figured that during this process I'd be on my own with things. I would be the one interested in baby stuff, names, boy or girl talks, conceiving, etc. But to my surprise DH has been very on board with this.

The last couple times of BD'ing, he's been wanting to be on top because of gravity and thrusting. And he's even wanting it more than normal.

I was exhausted yesterday and wasn't really in the mood. I just wanted to sleep, but DH wanted to do it because we want a baby.

He even said "shouldn't we be like doing it every other day?"...

He's been very interested in picking things out. He even called up his cousin (who has a boy) and asked her to hold her baby things for us. And he told me to call my sister up (who has a girl) for her to hold her girl things for us.

I kinda think that maybe all of his "anti-baby" talk and jokes before was just a show... and that's he come around to the idea, even though everything isn't perfect.

I remember talking to him about babies and he flat out said "Carley, you are the woman I want a baby with, why does it have to be now?". That was about a month ago, but the fact that he said that just really surprised me.

He is one of those guys: all big and bad and unemotional on the outside, but a total softy on the inside... and after 5 years of being together, I still be surprised by these acts.

It's funny, my mom and him have a joke with each other... he only has a feeling... A feeling... and when his feeling gets hurt.... hahaha! Like he only has 1...

Anyways, thanks for reading my ramble post... I am just happy that I am not doing this by myself and that he is with me 100%!

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I am really happy for you that there has been a break through and your DH seems very into things now. I know I had and still have similiar problems with my DF. He is totally onboard, talking about baby everything one minute and the next he is telling me we should wait and that I am too young to be trying any way.

It does feel very good when the men in our lives are actively taking interest to all these TTC things, I hope he keeps it up!

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Well I have a little update... Today after doing errands, I told him that I needed to go to Walgreens to pick up a pregnancy test. He was like "why didn't you tell me, we just passed Wal Mart"?

I told him that I figured I would've gotten by myself. So anyway, we wound up going to Walgreens.

He was with me, figuring out which PG test, which one was best (walgreens vs. ept, etc) and if we should buy ovulation sticks, etc. He even made me talk to the pharmacist about the ovulation sticks and he was actively talking about it too with the guy.

And while we were at a breakfast meeting with his union, he was totally open talking to others about me being pregnant, and that we are doing what we need to, etc...

It just makes me feel good to know that he's excited and open and all that!

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Sun, 06-06-2010 - 4:04pm
This is great news! Sometimes our guys have the oddest ways of saying, or showing, that they are on board with something like ttc. My DH, who is a military man as well, isn't always forthcoming with his feelings but when I ask him he just tells me how ready he is for a child. My favorite is when he voluntarily, out of the blue, tells me how badly he wants a baby. This just reconfirms what we're doing to get there. I'm glad your DH is on baord, and I hope your LO is on the way soon!
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How wonderful that he's so into ttc. It's amazing how they can be so weird one minute and so into it the next. I'm so happy for you both. You give me hope that my DH gets into it a little more.


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