balloons and flowers tmi lol

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balloons and flowers tmi lol
Wed, 03-18-2009 - 6:45pm

all of this love making is getting my dh emotional after 17 years of marriage and flowers only when i gave birth dh brought home the prettiest flowers ever seen and balloons the kids where like what did you do wrong dad?lol and he said read the balloon and this is what is right and it said my love for you grows stronger each day ooohhhh how sweet i love this man when he had his vr i told him it was the best present he could ever give me and it is!!! but he has been so sweet i wonder if itis all the love making can it be??? has anyone else had this happen to your dh and over the we took the day off yesterday and went shopping and to the movies FUN!!!! we saw the new Adam Sandler movie bedtime stories it is wonderful a family movie good for all ages!!! so we are staing follistm in 1 week and I'm scared if anyone knows anything about it please let me know.


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Wed, 03-18-2009 - 7:07pm
That is sooo sweet!!!

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Thu, 03-19-2009 - 9:26am
Awww -that's so sweet!


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Thu, 03-19-2009 - 5:49pm

Lucky lady!