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I just wanted to reintroduce myself. i was a huge part of parentsplace several years ago.. i never knew that i would be at this part of my life when i was searching and researching getting the VR done. I couldnt believe it when my hubby agreed to get reversed and then put the down payment deposit and then we actually t traveled and did it and I now have a beautiful addition to our family. when we had our fourth we thought we were done but years later we wanted another and he agreed so we went through the whole journey...please dont give up and i will try to keep signing in and offer support for anyne that needs it..btw we went to Dr. Wilson. He was great..

good luck ladies.


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Mon, 02-25-2013 - 3:35pm
I'm so happy that the reversal worked for you!! I've heard very good things about Dr. Wilson.