Might be going for a reversal

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Might be going for a reversal
Sun, 09-09-2012 - 10:53am

Hello everyone. I am new to this board. I have have been TTC off and on. I was TTC 3 years with last husband. Now I have been married to current DH and he had a vaectomy about 10 years ago. I have PCOS and DH and I are looking into either Sperm Donation or reversal. We live in a small town that is about 2 hours away from any help so we are trying to figure out best choice. I know it is a long shot to hear from anyone around Austin or San Antonio but if so have you heard of any good Drs. who does this and what was the cost of a vasectomy reversal? I would love to just hear of cost and stories of reversals. I am worried since it has been so long that he has had it and me and EX tried for so long.

Thanks in advance.


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Sun, 09-09-2012 - 9:47pm
I'm on the TR side of things, but I wanted to say hi and wish you some luck in finding someone to help you out with either the VR or sperm donation (whichever way you go). I hope you are able to pick a course that is best for your family soon and see it through all the way to a BFP! Good luck!!