Yay! We're reversed!!

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Yay! We're reversed!!
Tue, 02-10-2009 - 6:34pm
Everything went really well today. Dr. Wilson saw whole sperm on the right side and heads with partial tails on the left! I got to see the left vas through the scope after it was reattached

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Tue, 02-10-2009 - 6:36pm
Congrats! It sounds like everything went well!
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Tue, 02-10-2009 - 7:38pm


Amy Blake    CPST         

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Tue, 02-10-2009 - 8:18pm

Sounds real promising Kristi.


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Tue, 02-10-2009 - 9:01pm
That is great that the doc saw whole sperm on one side... that is more than he saw in DH's fluid and we got PG right away.


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Tue, 02-10-2009 - 11:49pm
FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!! So very glad all went well Kristi. We shall be right behind you very soon.

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Wed, 02-11-2009 - 8:45am

YEAH Kristi! That is awesome!!

I am so glad things went well! And seeing whole and partial sperm is wonderful news! that is what Dr R saw during our VR. :)

I hope that your dh is still well and having very little discomfort!

Make sure you take good care of him and make him take those vitamins. ( I am strong beleiver in vitamins! They made a difference with my dh! But I had to MAKE him take them! :))

Keep us posted! take care!


Heather :)

Vasectomy Feb 2007 ,VR with Dr Roeder Oct 3 2008,3rd cycle TTC BFP!,

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Wed, 02-11-2009 - 10:05am

I'm so happy for you on the great news!!

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Wed, 02-11-2009 - 10:17am
Wonderful news.
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Wed, 02-11-2009 - 2:17pm

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