April Playgroup!

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April Playgroup!
Tue, 04-03-2012 - 2:36pm

Hey ladies! Let me know if anything needs changing! -Liz

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Mon, 04-23-2012 - 10:49am
Mari -- Yay for donating milk! That is wonderful. Just imagine, some tiny little preemie or a sick baby might get a wonderful start in the world because of your generosity! You sound so great in your post! I'm so glad that you are enjoying your family.

Liz -- Charlotte seems very acidic as well. She gets red "down there" very quickly. She eats very mild foods, so I don't know what is up. To make matters worse, the cloth diapers seem to mask the odor, so I usually don't notice the poop right away. I'm trying to stay more on top of it.

Ruby -- Sorry for the TTC delay. Maybe you'll find out in July, and you will only be pushing TTC back a tiny bit. Fingers crossed for you!!!

Andi -- We mostly feed Charlotte regular table foods, but we do buy babyfood prunes because her stools become firm from time to time. She takes them straight or stirred in yogurt. I hope your sweetie is back to normal soon.

Sarah -- I think we've decided for this year to only buy actual curriculum for Reading and Math, and our co-op uses a workbook for Spanish. Other than that, we are mixing and matching from library materials and ideas that I can find online. We are using an "Adventure Bible" for our Bible study. It's the Bible that Charlotte was given at her baptism. It's really nice, and we didn't have to pay extra money! I'm a little worried that homeschooling could get to be expensive. I'm hoping that the cost of materials and field trips will balance out compared to all of the weekly requests for money that Fletcher gets in the public school. With uniforms, field trips, class parties, "uniform free" days, fundraisers, special treats at lunch, book orders, and who knows what else, we are always forking over money.

Sandy -- Hope you are feeling better. Enjoy your visit with your mom.

Cassie -- We have the opposite issue with our house's layout. The master bedroom and one other bedroom are upstairs, and two bedrooms are downstairs. Right now, our boys are sharing the second upper room, but I'm nervous about putting Charlotte downstairs by herself when she is done co-sleeping (around age 2, we imagine). I think we will put the boys downstairs (still together), but the rooms down there are much smaller, and it will still be weird to have them downstairs while we are up.

Christine -- How are things going with you? I'm gearing up for my LLL group's third meeting!

Ash -- Love your picture on the other thread!

AFM: Ugh. We had a rough week last week. Both of our cars died, and we had some plumbing problems. The upstairs bathroom was leaking down into the downstairs bathroom, and we still don't know why. Fortunately, we got the leaking to stop (for now), and the pastor at our new church let us borrow his SUV. We had to have the transmission rebuilt in our Jeep. We brought it home Saturday, planning to return the pastor's car on Sunday, but the Jeep wouldn't start AGAIN. We're taking it back to the mechanic tonight.

I'm so excited to have a meeting with some of the homeschool moms tomorrow evening! They are bringing some of their materials for the newbies to flip through and ask questions. Should be fun!

I'm really focusing on organizing our house right now. I did all of our downstairs closets this past week (well, almost), and I'm working on the boys' room this week. I'm feeling really motivated!

Charlotte is waking up! Better run...

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Mon, 04-23-2012 - 10:56am

Ruby - so sorry about the job troubles! As if our profession isn't hard enough!

Liz - good thing you get that break for yourself! Peter sounds like such a funny kid!

Thanks for the ideas girls. I have a feeling we've tried most everything.

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Mon, 04-23-2012 - 11:55am

Hi ladies,

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Mon, 04-23-2012 - 2:59pm

Christine- I know how you feel. Sometimes it would be better not to plan TTC and just get PG but I know you said also it would be better if you have a spring baby. If all goes well we will be TTC in July also. I just hope I can get this stupid yeast infection and bacterial infection to go away. No chance this month since we only DTD twice this whole month with the stupid infections. The medicine they gave me for the bacterial infection one of the side effects is a yeast infection so that is why I got another one. I took the last pill today for the second yeast infection and there is still some there but not as much so I'm thinking it's going away. She gave me one more prescription in case I need it and if it's still there to call back. Not sure why it's being so stubborn, the doctor's office said sometimes that just happens. But I've been doing everything I can to make sure to prevent it in the future.

My mom is here until Wednesday afternoon. I took today off work. Sometimes I wish I could just stay at home but at other times like trying to get him to nap, I'm happy I do work. I think work would be better for me if I didn't dislike my boss so much. Things used to be so much better when I started 4 years ago and then my old boss left right before I had David, and ever since things have gone downhill. But I like working at home and I don't know what else I would do so for now I'm staying. Maybe if DH gets a better job I could stay at home but until that happens, I'm going to be working even after we have #2.

For those who have kids who get constipated, David still gets constipated sometimes and yesterday I noticed his butt was red and I put some diaper cream on it and it was fine today. His issue is that he will go but it's like little rocks so I have been giving or have the sitter give prunes every few days if he hadn't gone in a few and it seems to help.

David Nicholas 12/5/09
Expecting a GIRL 3/23/13

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Mon, 04-23-2012 - 3:32pm
Sandy- I am feeling much better, I am pretty sure that the yeast infection has cleared up. Hopefully that is the last one that I have for a while (And you too!)

Andi- Poor Juliette. I can't think of anything that you haven't already tried that would help. Did you end up trying the Pedialyte Pops?

Ruby- I hope that everything works out for you. It all sounds very frustrating.

Liz- It is a lot of fun around here. Haha, Lucas does that too with the diaper rash cream, over even Tylenol.

Erica- What an awful week you had. I hope this week goes much, much better for you.

Christine- That is so exciting that you be graduating with your Masters next week. You must be so proud!

AFM- We went a looked at a few vans the other day. One we liked, but they weren't willing to give us what we wanted for our trade in ( Our 2005 Pathfinder) we are in no hurry though. I am sure the right vehicle will come along. Let's just hope it will before November.

It is snowing out today. It's a rainy, snowy, slushy mix. It really hasn't stuck a whole lot to the ground, but I just think that it is crazy that it is almost May and snowing.

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Mon, 04-23-2012 - 6:55pm

You could have the stones taken out and reset into a pendant or another ring. Thats what I would do. Good luck!!


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Mon, 04-23-2012 - 9:08pm
I would have my band melted down into a new band that would go with your mom's ring. Then I would do as Ruby suggested and have the engagement ring made into a pendant or just wear the ring on a chain (after the prongs are secured). I'm really sentimental about my wedding jewelry!
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Tue, 04-24-2012 - 1:57pm

Mari, yay for good thyroid news.

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Tue, 04-24-2012 - 5:05pm

Let me apologize in advance for being a Debbie Downer...

Well my crappy week continues. I found out today that I did not get the teaching position I interviewed for two weeks ago. They gave it to someone who was already teaching 4th grade at another school. I was so shocked and my heart just sunk. I mean I had a referral from the asst. principal and my interview couldn't have gone better. The principal even asked me during my interview how my current principal would take the news of my leaving so it's like he all but offered me the job. And then to tour me around the school afterwards? I really wish they wouldn't get candidates hopes up like that.

So naturally I'm angry and upset but trying to stay positive that something better is out there for me. I do believe everything happens for a reason, it's just hard to see that right now. It would have been so awesome to be so close to home, but I guess I should just be grateful I even have a job in my desired field right now.

Thanks for listening ladies. :smileysad:

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Tue, 04-24-2012 - 9:43pm
So sorry Christine. That stinks. :(.