Elevated Blood Lead Levels??

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Elevated Blood Lead Levels??
Fri, 07-06-2012 - 11:08pm

Hi Ladies.  Does anyone have experience with an elevated Blood Lead Level in their little ones?? Eliza's first blood lead level result - via a capillary draw (finger prick) - came back elevated and of course now I'm worried :smileysad: The doc said she'll need to have a venous blood draw (from her arm) to get an accurate reading, because the capillary draws can give falsely high readings. The poor thing - having to have a venous blood draw at only 2!! I wonder how that will go.

Anyone have any advice? I'm sort of freaking out... I know kids who live in the city have higher levels due to the urban environment, but the "normal" range is 0-5 and Eliza's came back at 13.8.  :smileysad:

P.S. Don't google "lead poisoning in toddlers".  UGH!  

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Re: Elevated Blood Lead Levels??
Wed, 07-25-2012 - 8:53pm
berry81 wrote:
Thank you everyone for all your kind words and sharing your experiences. THANKFULLY all my worry was for nothing! The venous draw results came back with undetectable levels of lead!! We are *SO* relieved. Ugh what a rollercoaster. The doc said that the capillary draw must have been contaminated to come back so mistakenly high (13.8). I'm sooooo glad!!

Yay!!!  I love it when the best case scenario is what we get.  So glad all the worry is for naught.   :smileyvery-happy: