February Playgroup

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February Playgroup
Thu, 02-02-2012 - 11:25pm

Please let me know if your info needs to be updated!




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Mon, 02-13-2012 - 8:42am

Kate- Glad you'll be there with me. I am still aiming for September but we'll see. My regular doctor wants me off BCP in July no matter if we are TTC or not due to my blood pressure so if we are not TTC in September we'll have to use other BC until he is ready to TTC. I already told him so he knows.

Christine- I've been there with DH gone (mine has only been gone a week ) when he has had conferences and he is going to have another one this year in March if he's still at his job. You are lucky to have family nearby. It will be just me and David for the whole week with no other help.

Erica- I don't want to hear how cold it is in Florida...Just kidding. My MIL was complaining to my DH and he said I don't want to hear it.

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Mon, 02-13-2012 - 9:03am
Erica--I think your homeschool plan sounds great! My aunt absolutely loves the co-op they're a part of (she homeschools my 7 y/o cousins for various reasons, including medical).

Ash--Ugh on the no motivation for cooking. I'm right there with you.

Christine--Yay for DH being home today! That's wonderful!

Kate--How is it time for Teddi to be 1 already? Wasn't he just born?!

Mari--I'm glad Fede did so well with his new day care. Good luck with potty training.

Sandy--That bed is gorgeous! I love it! Boo for teething--I hope it ends soon.

AFM--NO! just about sums up things at our house. It's Peter's new favorite word. I finally asked him this morning if he could say yes. He grinned and said "Yesh." This kid cracks me up. We can also sing the Selena Gomez song that says "I love you like a love song..." and he chimes in "Behbee."

I'm in the lovely stage of wanting to puke but resisting. I don't know how much longer that will last. My pants are also getting tight already. I'm so in trouble. I would like to hold off telling work for another month or so, but at this point, I'm playing it by ear.
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Mon, 02-13-2012 - 12:05pm

Mari - Gabby was like that when I used to drop her off the first 4 or 5 days were tough, but after I left she was fine. I know it's probably a bit different since he has been home with you more than Gabby has. The first couple of days she would cling to my leg and they would have to pry her off and then they said she was fine 2 minutes later. Today We go into the room (its the start of her 3rd week there) and her teacher is there and said Hello and she went running to her and gave her a hug! I loved it! Made me feel so great!!

Kate - WE didn't get Gabby much for her birthday. I figured she would get more from others. We ended up getting her a stuffed animal and an outfit. I hope you can find some motivation to get everything done you need to get done.

Liz - I had almost the same conversation with Gabby yesterday. SHe kept saying no to me and I said are you going to say no to everything and she said "no" I cracked up....I know I posted about this before, but I added it to my blog last night. so check it out: http://jessica-mike.blogspot.com/2012/02/reasoning-with-17-month-old.html

Waving hi to everyone else...sorry I am going off of memory.

AFM - Just waiting for AF to leave. I have some OPK's and I am taking B6 so hopefully we can pin down when I am O'ing....I really would love a november baby - would be nice before winter got here. I don't know if I want to drive a 1/2 hour in a blizzard to get to the hospital, but we will see. At least I can go to my friends wedding and not be a total blimp!

Our house is coming along, it's been a bit slow but hopefully this week it will pick up. The furance, electical and insultation should be done this week and the drywall and stuff should start next week. I am excited to have our front door on and the garage door on. plus it will be warmer in the house. OUr heating bill has been so high. Especially last week when it was -10 outside.

Gabby is doing great! She is LOVING her new daycare and adjusting super well. and like I said above she is giving hugs to teachers in the morning now. She is talking up a storm. I had her saying Pretty Pretty please yesterday (at least it sounded like it) and she is starting to say "ov you" and we are working on the sign for it as well.

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Mon, 02-13-2012 - 12:19pm
Liz- I always feel like really early on you get bloating, and feel like you look about 4 months pregnant, but then it gets better before you really get your "baby belly" hopefully it's that way for you and you can keep it under wraps as long as you want. With David people who knew me started asking around 12 weeks, and I'm pretty thin and had a big bump, so I bet you can hide it that long if you want to. Congrats on the pregnancy by the way!

Erica- Good luck with homeschooling! I was home schooled until high school. I won't probably be homeschooling my boys, but I can definitely see the reasoning for doing it. I think you're idea only doing it till 5th grade is a good one. If you try to put kids back in in high school it can be really hard for them. It's hard anytime, but the older they are the harder it is I think.

Ash- Thanks for the encouragement! I think I'm going to try to take a night German class, and hopefully that will help. I hope you get over the morning sickness luckiness soon!

Sandy- Cool new furniture and stuff! Sorry about the teething, we seem to be in a lull in the teething, but (my) David still sleeps like crap, so I feel your pain!

Mari- Congrats on starting Fede in daycare! I'm hoping to put James in German Kindergarten next fall, and I'm hoping he'll really enjoy it.

Jess- I hope you guys can catch the eggie soon. I know how frustrating TTC can be.

Christine- Yay for DH getting back soon! Enjoy your chatty cathy! James is such a little chatter box, and requires responses to everything he says, which is adorable about 90% of time, but every now and then I just want a little bit of quiet time.

Kate- I can't believe Teddy is almost 1! Enjoy his party, we've only done really low key stuff for our kids so far, they just don't really get what's going on, so it doesn't seem worth it to me to go to too much trouble...

AFM- We're doing well! Our apartment here in Germany is a 2 Bedroom, but the master bedroom is a loft over the living room, so it's really like there are just 2 rooms. So far the boys have not done very well with sharing a room, so David's sleeping in our room, which means after he goes to bed we can't make any noise. I'm hoping soon I'll be able to get him and James to sleep together in their room. We rented a car this weekend, and stocked up on groceries and stuff we needed from Ikea, so the house is feeling a lot more livable now, which is really nice.

I keep waiting for baby fever for #3 to hit, but so far nothing. I'm really looking forward to when David is talking and a little older, and I just can't see myself going all the way back to square one. Which is so weird, because I always thought I would have a minimum of 3 kids. We'll see I guess.

Speaking of talking, when did your little ones start doing it? David still really isn't saying any words. He points and grunts a lot. He'll repeat some words, like hi, Dada, and Mama, and he makes vocalizing noises while signing milk and bye bye, but other than that, he really doesn't talk. Which means lots of whining, which drives me nuts. I now that James was already saying quite a few words by this age, and I'm starting to feel a little concerned, I know it's still early, but I don't know how much longer I can put up with the whining.

Ack, no time to proofread, sorry for the million typos I'm sure there are, I've got to go make dinner!
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Mon, 02-13-2012 - 1:38pm
Liz - congratulations! I just caught up on the TTC thread and saw how you told DH. So sweet. I love your new siggy, too!

Christine - can't wait to hear about Selin's bash next weekend. And glad DH is coming home so he can help you get ready and hopefully give you a break in the evenings so you can relax. That is very important! :)

Grace - yay for a successful weekend! I love reading your blog. The differences between the U.S. and Germany that you write about are so interesting. And I love that you write about your honest feelings - good and bad! - about the move.

Jess - wow I can only imagine your heating bill without a front door or garage door! I guess it's good that it has been sort of a mild winter (except last week!). I love seeing the photos you post on fb of the progress on your house. I'm sure you are anxious to get it totally wrapped up soon. Hope that bfp comes soon so you will have 2 things to celebrate.

Doing this from memory and I know I'm missing a lot of people - waving hi!

AFM - sort of in a funk today. I'm in over my head in the work I'm doing on my prelim and just feel completely dumb, for lack of a better word... and it really seems to take its toll on my mood when I feel like school isn't going well. Blah. And everyone in house has colds right now, which doesn't help anyone's mood!! Sorry to be such a downer :( We actually had an awesome weekend, so I really shouldn't complain! But sometimes when Monday comes, I just wish I could quit school altogether and focus on being a mama. I don't want to do anything but hang out with my girl!!!

Someone is waking up from a nap...

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Mon, 02-13-2012 - 2:52pm

Ella - I should clarify. We have a front door so our house is mainly sealed off. there are just cracks in some of the walls and under the door where the front entry gets a little cold.

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Mon, 02-13-2012 - 6:57pm

Ugh, I'm in a funkdified monday mood too. It's raining here which I'm sure is part of it (though I can't complain because it sounds like it's MUCH colder in florida AND indianapolis)

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Mon, 02-13-2012 - 8:42pm
Hi Christine,

I saw your PM and messaged you back!

Yeah we're the late timers in our TTC group eh? Oh well, its all good.

Cool that you may be TTC in the fall too!

Good lord, you are a cute and beautiful pregnant woman! Your boy Fede is ADORABLE...when did his hair darken?

Sorry about AF, hope this cycle is yours! The renos sound exhausting. I loved your blog post on reasoning with a toddler...so true.

Good for you on homeschooling your kiddos. I'm not sure how I feel about it (I guess I dont really have an opinion since I've never put much thought into it) other than whatever works for each family is what is most important and it sounds like a really ideal situation for yours.

I have to say I really enjoy your blog :)


So I brought up TTC in October instead of May for several reasons to my DH (my job, Chicago, my sister's destintation wedding in February) and he pretty much disagreed with me right away (as I knew he would, he wanted me PG this past summer...oh and I did I mention he brought that point up 3 weeks after I gave birth?!) and even when I stated my case, he still disagreed with me and it devolved quickly into a fight about finances...which arent even a real issue with regards to a baby right now except we disagree on how to spend our money in general (savings, investing, renos, what kind of renos, trips....sigh). Anyway. it got nowhere fast and we ended up not coming to a conclusion about TTC so I'm pretty much tabling the discussion for a few months. The only thing we agreed on was that our follow up appointment with our financial advisor will be very helpful to us in making some decisions and I think I'll wait until after that to broach the topic of TTC.

Honestly, its not even money that is really holding up the baby thing...so I have no idea why the conversation deterioriated into that direction. Grrr... :(


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Tue, 02-14-2012 - 12:36pm
Erica I'll be home schooling starting in the fall as well. Eloise will still be going to preschool, but Desmond will be starting Kindergarten at home. We also have a great home schooling community around here, which is nice.

It is really exciting isn't it? I am currently working on figuring out what curriculum I want to use in the fall with Desmond, I think I have math, learning to read/language arts and handwriting down, but I am still trying to figure out what I want to do for literature, history and science.

Thank you for the sig Mary

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Tue, 02-14-2012 - 12:46pm

Ruby- I know you probably don't think this but I think you're fortunate that your DH wants to TTC. I have baby fever so bad and I wish we could TTC right now but other than finances and I know it's not the right time, my DH said he isn't ready yet. He was the same way before David, he wasn't ready. Now he wants David to be at least 3.5. I would have been happy with 3 but I don't want to fight about it and now all with his job I am not going to say anything until around the end of July and see where things stand.

Also regarding his job he thinks his boss is on the hot seat so he's got an attitude towards everyone else. He found that out through someone else at work. He's still applying for jobs and we'll see what's out there and what he decides to do. I hope if he does change it's in the next few months and we don't have to pospone TTC again. But I guess we'll see. I guess what is meant to be is and we'll deal with it when it happens. No sense in worrying when it's not until the end of the year.

I hate teething. David was up again last night. Although I find it funny I still have baby fever even though David's been getting up with the teething. You would think it would be opposite. I hope this tooth comes in soon as I'm sick of getting up with him at night. At least I got him to stay in his bed, he always wants to come to our bed but not letting him make a habit of it.

DH and I don't really celebrate Valentine's Day. He thinks it's just a hallmark holdiay and you can show love all days of the year. I will make dinner for him (lasagna) as I make it every year. Kind of my traditional Valentine's day dinner.

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