February Playgroup

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February Playgroup
Thu, 02-02-2012 - 11:25pm

Please let me know if your info needs to be updated!




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Wed, 02-29-2012 - 9:30am
Erica - That's wonderful about the new LLL group!! I'm so excited for you. Way to go mama!! ;-)

Sandy - Feel free to contact me anytime with questions about FAM. We used it for 5 cycles before TTC and have also been using it since last summer.

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Wed, 02-29-2012 - 6:33am
Ash- I totally get what you are saying. It's not that you are not excited for the new baby, it's just that some things have the shine of the "first time" only once! However, as the pregnancy went by, I found some things that were a novelty... like buying girly clothes for my girl, and I did buy a few things I didn't with Fede. As far as the nursery goes... We also want our kids to share a room in their first years (even though they are boy/girl), so no nursery either!


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Tue, 02-28-2012 - 8:04pm
So funny to hear the stories of kids behaving different for daycare/babysitters. We find the same thing with Evan! There was a parents info session a few months back at the daycare, and we had questions about how to discipline a young toddler...and the staff was like "Evan? He's such a perfect angel! He's so well behaved!" ...and then at home he throws things, hits, screams, etc....good times! LOL!

Ash - your night away sounds SO divine. I told DH about it with a hint for my upcoming birthday, but I doubt that will happen. Especially since I'm going away for a week afterward to a conference and will be in a hotel room by myself! I'm SO looking forward to that.

Erica - so great about the LLL group!! Good for you!

AFM - There seems to be some hope that our daycare will stay open. Apparently it will be another 1-2 weeks before we'll know anything more though. We do have Evan on the wait list for 3 other daycares just to be sure though.

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Tue, 02-28-2012 - 6:02pm

Ash - location may not be important, but my doesn't a spa and some room service sound good? lol.

Erica - congrats on the LLL meeting success!

Jessica - must be nice to see progress on the house. Here's hoping it continues without any setbacks!

Liz - "Yeah, I'm not letting him use sharp objects. He's crazy."

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Tue, 02-28-2012 - 4:41pm

Liz - I just had to laugh about how Peter acts differently for other people. I am always getting reports from Daycare how well she listens to them and they even bring her into the Early Preschool room with the older kids because she listens so well. I had some time today and went to visit her there. She was outside playing with all her friends and when we went to go back in she was refusing to listen (Which I am sure she doesn't do for them) and when we got inside she didn't want me to put her shoes on for her she wanted to do it. I had to wrestle with her to get them on. Her teacher was like "She never fights us to put them on" Really??? Because she almost fights me EVERY morning before going to daycare. and then They were talking how they can get her to sleep (I was asking about nap time) and She refused to wash her hands today as well, so I am sure it's just because I was there. This is EXACTLY why I don't visit her at daycare plus I missed her more today than any other day at daycare. I think because I had to leave her there. Sigh....

Oh WE have drywall!! Its not up yet, but it's here and upstairs. The insulation is done and I am so so so excited!!! Siding will be here later this week or early next week and I can't wait!

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Tue, 02-28-2012 - 4:00pm
Ash--This baby won't get a decorated room either, since Peter's turned into a playroom. We'll had his/her name to the wall.

Erica--I love that you're starting a LLL group! I've really come to love mine. I go to the evening meeting, so it's 2 leaders and generally 3 of us, but we all have toddlers.

AFM--I left Peter with a babysitter for nearly the first time this weekend (excluding daycare). We've gone out for an hour or so before, but we stayed gone for 5 hours Saturday. DH and I just puttered around town for our anniversary-we had to celebrate early since he works today. Peter did great! The girl who kept him said he was super smart and entertaining. She works with DH, so she even told all his coworkers how great Peter is.

So it's obvious he acts different for others...last night, he had an apple. I asked him to hand it to me so I could peel it on the peeler, and he glared, clutched it tighter, and yelled "NO! ME!" Yeah, I'm not letting him use sharp objects. He's crazy. He's also yelled at the dog for trying to chase the cat, fussed at the cat for sitting in my lap, and yelled at DH for not sharing the "mallows" (marshmallow-bits, like the kind for hot chocolate). Hello, attitude. He also dunked the computer mouse in the toilet the other day. He's already done the laptop charger, but it survived. So until a new mouse comes, we're sharing one computer. Ugh.
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Tue, 02-28-2012 - 3:38pm

Ash- You are so lucky. I have only been away from David one night and that was the church retreat. Maybe I'll have to ask DH if I can have a day away. However, we are hoping when we go to Ohio this summer that my family will take David even if it is for the day so we can go out for awhile. We always feel rushed when we have a babysitter to get home since we don't want to spend too much money. It was nice when my MIL was in town to watch him the one night, we felt so relaxed and not rushed.

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Tue, 02-28-2012 - 3:01pm
Quick Update:
We had our interest meeting for a new La Leche League group this morning. We had 10 moms plus me and a leader from another group. So exciting!!!! We are planning a social for the end of March, and then April 3rd will be our first real meeting. :)
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Tue, 02-28-2012 - 1:02pm
Ash: Don't feel bad... we didn't buy Teddy's furniture until after he was here, and we have a 7 year age gap, so it's not like anything was re-used. Ok, technically I am still working on decorting his room. :-)
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Tue, 02-28-2012 - 11:24am
Jess and Andi- The location is so unimportant, if we lived near my mom I could have just as easily gone to her house. The important thing was getting a little pampering, eating yummy food (I don't mind eating alone at a restaurant with my kindle but if you felt uncomfortable good take out would be perfect), and just being able to chill out without having anything to do- which is why it wouldn't have worked here at home since I can always find something I should be doing here. Good luck finding a way to get a little time for you!!