How did you lose your baby weight?

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How did you lose your baby weight?
Fri, 01-06-2012 - 12:52pm

We are working on a story of how real moms lost their baby weight, and would love to get your input.

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Sat, 01-07-2012 - 11:13pm

Almost two years later, I'm still struggling to keep the weight off. :-/

I was slightly overweight pre-pgcy, gained 35 lbs during pgcy, lost the first 25 lbs within two weeks from BFing and it took another 8 months or so to lose the last 10 lbs. Lately I've been hovering back and forth about 5 lbs. above my pre-pgcy weight but recently started working out again so hoping I'll start seeing results soon. I really want to lose more weight before we start TTC #2, which could be as soon as 2-3 months.

To lose the pgcy weight, I just walked as much as I could. It was hard to cut back on food because I was exclusively BFing and am still nursing 2-3x/day.

It's tough losing the baby weight! I hate all the articles and photos of celebrities who bounce back to their pre-baby bodies just weeks after delivery. Sure, if I had a personal trainer and chef and money was no object, I could too! LOL

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Sat, 01-07-2012 - 11:38pm
I was back to my pre pregnancy weight a week after I had David. I fit into my dress pants as wr had a picture done not even a week later and about a month after that I fit back into my pre pregnancy jeans. all I did was breastfeed and it just came off. Then after I stopped I gained a little but then I started chasing a toddler around not much after and the weight keeps coming off. Chasing a 2 yr old is a great weight loss plan for me. I actually weigh less now than before I got pregnant.

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